ticks and your dog

ticks and your dog

ticks will transmit dangerous diseases, like Lyme arthritis, once they attach to a number and feed.
your doctor will advocate safe and effective merchandise to assist shield your dog from ticks.

ticks and your dog
ticks and your dog

you should ne'er take away a tick together with your fingers. Tweezers or tick removal tools work well. once doubtful, raise your veterinary care team for help removing a tick.

What Are Ticks?
Ticks are tiny, eight-legged parasites that have got to drink blood so as to survive and reproduce. Ticks don’t fly, and that they can’t jump (unlike fleas). In fact, ticks are a lot of closely associated with spiders and mites than to “insects” like fleas. Of the many tick species, around eighty are found within u. s. Ticks will go after a spread of hosts together with birds, dogs, cats, and people.

Why Are Ticks a Problem?
If a dog is heavily overrun with ticks, the parasites will drink enough blood to cause anemia (severe blood loss). However, ticks are largely a priority thanks to the diseases they will transmit to their hosts. Lyme arthritis and mountain chain rickettsial disease are among the harmful diseases that ticks will transmit to your dog. though individuals can’t catch these diseases from dogs directly, infected ticks will bite individuals and transmit them. If your dog is exposed to those dangers, chances are high that you just and your family may additionally be in danger of exposure.

how do dogs get ticks?

despite an awfully common story, ticks don’t fall or stand out of trees onto a number. However, ticks will climb, and that they tend to connect themselves to shrubs and blades of tall grass. they will conjointly sleep in dens of rodents and alternative tiny mammals. One species of the tick will even live inside.

When a number walks by and brushes against the grass or ligneous plant wherever the tick is waiting, the tick climbs onto the host. Once on a replacement host, the tick eventually finds a location to connect and feed.

For some diseases, like Lyme arthritis, a tick should be hooked up for many hours so as to transmit the infection to a number. this suggests that if you check your dog (and yourself) daily, you have got an opportunity of finding and removing any ticks before they will transmit Lyme arthritis.

How am I able to shield my dog from ticks?
Keeping your dog out of uncleared areas, tall grass, and alternative tick habitats may be a great way to cut back the danger of exposure. however, this could be tough for several pet house owners, particularly if they share a full of life outside fashion with their dog.

effective tick management merchandise is often used on dogs to assist shield them from ticks. There are several choices, together with spot-on liquid merchandise and collars. your doctor will advocate a secure and effective product for your dog.

Remember that ticks are productive parasites that may be tough to kill. whether or not you're exploitation an efficient tick management product, you must still check your dog daily for ticks and take away any as shortly as you discover them. you must ne'er take away a tick together with your fingers. tweezers work well, however, take care to know the tick near the pinnacle and pull gently to avoid feat the mouthparts embedded within the skin. there are tick removal tools that are terribly straightforward to use. avoid exploitation of lighter fluid, matches, or alternative merchandise that will irritate the skin or cause alternative injuries to your dog. once doubtful, raise your veterinary care team for help removing the tick.

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