tips for choosing the right breed for your dog

tips for choosing the right breed for your dog

It is very important to choose a dog breed based on the personality of the future owner and his lifestyle, not just in physical or fashion criteria.

tips for choosing the right breed for your dog
tips for choosing the right breed for your dog

 This is the only way to acquire an animal whose relationship with you will be balanced and harmonious and who will be happy when in contact with you.

Lightning strikes sometimes lead to the purchase of a puppy that, once it becomes an adult, does not correspond at all to the owner or to what he expects from the dog. separation is no longer an option, so live with the dog is nothing more than a set of constraints that the handler tries to manage as well as possible. But neither of them finds pleasure in living with the other, which is unfortunate when it comes to acquiring a companion dog, which should be easy to live with and make your days more pleasant.

Define your lifestyle (housing, working time and availability for your dog, finances, holiday style...), then try to determine your personality in front of a dog, i.e. your attitude and your training style (rather authoritarian, calm, indifferent...).
But at such an important stage, the reason must come first. Being happy with your dog means, above all, choose it well. To do this, you have to know yourself perfectly.

The 7 criteria to consider:

1. Your habitat
- in the city or in the countryside
- house or apartment
- with or without neighbors
2. Your family situation
- a couple or single life
- with or without children
3. Your age
4. Your daily trips
- by car or not
- with your dog or not
5. Your hobbies
- with your dog or not
6. Your financial capabilities
- purchase, food, veterinarian, grooming
7. Your availability

The 6 mistakes to avoid:
1. Choose the breed according to the only physical criterion
2. Yield to fashion
3. Choose a dog that is not adapted to your lifestyle.
4. Giving in to the crush
5. Listen to the neighbor's advice
6. Choose without knowing the character of the breed or its needs.

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