10 interesting facts about dachshunds

10 interesting facts about dachshunds

The taxu is characterized by a cheerful, courageous and sociable disposition, which is one of the main reasons for its great popularity. If you belong to the vast army of its fans, then I suggest you familiarize yourself with several interesting facts about this breed.

1. Dachshunds are skilled hunters for badgers. The German breed name "dachshund" consists of two words - "Dachs" is translated as "badger" and "Hund" means "dog". After the end of the Second World War, the American Kennel Club decided to change the international name of the breed in order to move away from its German roots. So today, in English-speaking countries, it is also known as the "badger dog".

2. Dachshund comes in three sizes. People prefer to buy small representatives of the breed for the role of domestic companions. This is why many amateur breeders are surprised to learn that a wide variety of dachshunds actually weigh about 14.5 kg. In Germany, dogs of all three sizes are common.

3. It can have three types of wool. Today, the vast majority of dachshunds have short hair, and long-haired and wirehaired dogs are rarely seen on the street. However, dogs with these types of wool are allowed to participate in dog shows. Different types of photo dachshunds.

4. Race became the first Olympic talisman. The dachshund named Waldie was first chosen as an Olympic mascot during the existence of the Olympic Games. The Olympic marathon course was designed to resemble the contours of a dachshund's body.

5. It is a dog that has lived a long time. In 2009, Chanel, a New York dachshund, was recognized as the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest dog in the world. When she died at the age of 21, this title was transferred to another member of the breed, Otto. Later, a terrier named Max won the title. In general, this breed is characterized by a very long life expectancy.


6. A small dog with a big appetite. This miniature dog shows incredible insatiability when it comes to food. It is prone to weight gain, which often leads to serious health problems and shortens life expectancy.

7. The dachshund is the smallest dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has included this small breed in a group of hunting dogs, which fully justifies such a decision. It is a very hardy breed, capable of both tracking and finishing its prey.

8. dachshund - a jumping enthusiast. She doesn't really like to sit on her hands - in such cases, she usually tries to free herself. Jumping from a height, the dog runs the risk of back pain. It is therefore recommended to use both hands to hold this little rascal.

9. Reliable storage. dachshunds are known for their innate high aggressiveness towards humans and other animals. In fact, in 2008, Applied Behavioral Animal Science magazine published an article in which it ranked this dog as the least hostile breed.

10. She participates in dog races. The spirit of rivalry in this breed is so strong that in the 1970s, it began to participate in speed races with other dogs. They were originally held in Australia but were later transferred to San Diego, California. Of course, the short legs do not allow the dachshund to emerge victorious from most of these competitions, but amateur breeders appreciate this entertainment.

The last World War seriously damaged the international reputation of the tax. Fortunately, now she has completely regained the love of dog breeders. The American Kennel Club has made it one of the most popular breeds.

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