10 interesting facts about poodles

10 interesting facts about poodles

The word "poodle" refers to a mobile dog with a very complex hairstyle. Some may also remember that it is the official national race of France. and these are the only reliable facts we really know about this wonderful breed. I propose to fill this gap and get to know it a little better.

1. Einstein in the world of dogs. Don't let the poodle's attractive appearance fool you. He is a super intelligent dog with an excellent sense of humor. Thanks to her kindness and humor unity, she often participates in competitions.

2. Poodle - an excellent choice for allergies. Its fluffy coat hardly loses and does not emit a specific dog odor. As this dog's hair never stops growing, he needs a regular and mandatory haircut.

3. The dog is an athlete. it has all the characteristics of an ideal four-legged companion, including a modest size, a charming appearance and great intelligence. In addition, its small but agile and robust body is literally created for movement, which makes it possible to obtain from this breed a first-class hunter and retriever. In fact, the poodle was originally raised precisely to extract birds from the water - it has what is called a "soft mouth" (i.e. the ability to very carefully remove a killed or injured bird from the water).

4. The original haircut poodle has a very specific purpose. The fact is that this dog was forced to work in very cold waters and therefore needed adequate protection. However, too much wool and moisture would prevent him from swimming. The hunter, therefore, left the wool only on those parts of the canine body that would suffer most from the cold.

5. This breed exists in four sizes. The International Federation of Dogs (FCI) divides the representatives of the breed into four types: large (royal), small, dwarf and that, and according to the classification of the American Kennel Club (AKC), only three types: standard, miniature and other.

6. Its unique wool structure has led to the emergence of many crossbreeding programs. Poodles have been crossed with common breeds such as: Cocker Spaniel (Cockapoo), Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever (Golddedudel), English Pointer (Poodle Pinter) and Irish Wheaten in soft hair in order to obtain hybrids with hypoallergenic wool.

7. Elvis was a devoted fan of this breed. The king of rock and roll owned several poodles and also introduced them to his dear wives.

8. The French love poodles. Of course, it is very popular in all European countries, so only in France is it honored as a national race. This is despite the fact that its modern version was initially withdrawn in Germany.

9. This is a very old breed. This dog's age is several millennia old. His images are found in Egyptian and Roman works of art created in the first century BC.

10. The poodle is a large dormouse. a representative of the breed needs thirteen hours of sleep a day to feel strong and ready to play with its owner. in addition, this dog has so attached to its owners that it is subject to significant stress during a long separation. From a cheerful and friendly poodle, you get a wonderful animal, both for singles and families with children.

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