"Bad advice for dog lovers" or common mistakes when breeding a pet and how to correct them

On how to train a dog, writes hundreds of articles and dozens of books. But what happens if you gather information in an article about how NOT to educate it? After all, sometimes it is not enough to know exactly how this is necessary, it is necessary to understand how you should not do it.

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And sometimes such a selection of visual material can show errors in your own work, because when, as they say, "the eye becomes blurry", you may not notice how you start doing something else. All the situations I will write below are drawn from the practice and real stories of dog owners, and they have been mentioned more than once. Certainly, usually two or three signs, the complete combination of the Encyclopedia of bad advice, perhaps no one could bear it...

So, "bad advice" and useful tips to correct the following pest results:
1. Feed the dog first, obviously shortly before eating it is an excellent way to make a "little thief" grow up. And not even a small one... If we are talking about a sheepdog or a Doberman, the consequences of such an education can be very deplorable and very diverse. Here, you will drain food from the table and steal food from other animals or family members, as well as obedience difficulties and unmotivated aggression at first.

How to repair?
Start feeding the dog STRICTLY after eating it yourself. No concessions for beautiful and sad eyes, and especially no concessions if the dog tries to put pressure on you and demand something! All the food in his bowl is strictly after the owners have eaten (and the cats, if there are cats in your house, this is one of the guarantors of the fact that the dog will not touch them).

2. Do not seek the fulfillment of the orders given, shoot them down, and caress and give a treat, "pity" the dog it's just a great way to raise an absolutely naughty animal! The dog, with whom the owner behaves in this way, understands the situation unequivocally - achieving a treat is... a failure when executing the order. And if this is the case, you must absolutely wait for the team to arrive and make sure you ignore it as high as possible and with a challenge. After all, then the owner has just praised and given a treat!

How can this situation be remedied?
At first - the lack of delicacy when the team is not full, and when the dog starts thinking and looking for a way to get the desired treatment, again, like a puppy, teach the commands and gives delicacy strictly once they are finished. Most likely, you will notice quite quickly that the dog knows the commands and starts executing them almost immediately. Again! After all, he considered that his whole conscious life knew them, except that he had the opposite mechanism to obtain delicacy - to receive it, this very order should not be executed. So now we have just taught a different mechanism, more correct for us and for the dog at the end, because there are many situations in which the execution of the command can save the dog's life (for example, the command "Stand up!") When the dog is traveling on a dangerous road).

3. Pass the dog forward at the exit of the door, go around it, don't dare move another quite wonderful mechanism for the formation of a tyrant at home from a dog and an undisciplined quadruple. after all, how? If a person jumps forward, he gives priority to the dog, recognizes his right to start, to be the leader. And if so, then the chef and decides what to do when, to whom to obey, and that today for dinner. It is possible and "who" if he didn't like something. and if you can also stay at home where you want and not move when a person passes, it means that you are the main one and not him. I think the consequences of this situation can no longer be explained.

How to repair it?
Start to pay attention to who walks first and walks through the door completely. It must be either your family and only then the dog. Let the first guests pass or not pass on the agenda since you and she are on your territory, but there are no guests and that you and the dog must pass first in his worldview because the guests are already first. If you do the opposite, be prepared for the dog to listen perfectly 
It's a little harder to complain - one way or another, the dog always has to say he has to go out. We'll have to work and learn to distinguish the tone of sound from a whimsical moaning of the "And I want to go out and everything" class from "We have to, the owner." The second, in fact, seems calmer and more guilty, but aggressive. And usually accompanied by attempts to push in the hand, in the leg, which fell into the host. The dog is sincerely searching the street and trying to make you understand with all his strength. That's when you absolutely have to get out! Gradually, at the same time, forcing him to wait a little longer, he changes the way he eats so that, in a month or two, this situation becomes a good time to walk around in standard mode twice a day.

5. Allow you to sleep on your bed, including the pillow area, without expelling the dog from there, and at best, attract delicacy if you want to take care of the bed 
in general, this approach, in addition to what leads to the dog's complete disobedience, also complicates the owner's life considerably. Imagine you come home from work tired, but to rest on your bed, you have to do more tambourine dances to knock down a dog... It's not the most comfortable position, is it? So it's worth fighting for.

Here you have to try. A dog that has become so impudent to such an extent can already seriously start showing aggressiveness and teeth when you try to change the current state of things. We will have to face this and our own fear of animals. If you do not succeed alone, then with the help of a dog-handler, you must change this situation, otherwise, you may encounter problems not only in occupying your own bed but also, for example when entering your own home.

Kicking the dog out of bed should be quite hard and sharp, under no circumstances should it be delicate or indulgent. Again, it will be possible to give her a treat only as a reward for the time she learns to leave the bed under your command. In this case, you can give him a treat as a sign of the correction of the chosen behavior. But don't do this constant practice! Otherwise, the dog can quickly decide that getting on the bed and then on his team is a great way to have fun... twenty times in the evening.

6. Do not remove the dog's toys in the game, always leave them to her, play on demand

Such an approach makes your dog an extremely confident animal, convinced that the whole world revolves around him. This may not only be impractical for the owner but also dangerous for the dog.

Judge for yourself - not only do you play with the game when you can be busy or tired, the dog treats others the same way. Someone may not understand
That means we have to fight too.

But this time, everything is a little easier. Simply start by ignoring the dog's insistence on playing for a while. Start small, so that you don't know your name much, but gradually increase the time to 30 minutes, an hour and until you have finished your household chores and are not free to play with the animals.

7. Forgive grunting and grinding your teeth on yourself and the guests, calm down in a soft voice, "so that the dog doesn't get angry"

If you want to get stuck on the wall with a torn garment, this is a great way to do it! Otherwise, you still shouldn't leave your pet like that.

You must fight as fast and as hard as possible. Do not reassure the dog who allowed the aggression with a soft voice, but rather by pulling abruptly, with a tone of voice that clearly indicates that you do not approve of his actions. If that's not enough - you can growl backward, throw it out of the room. Yes, he will resist if, before allowing him to behave differently, you prepare yourself for that.

8. Iron the dog on demand as soon as it starts to climb, even if you are at the table or busy

You wash your hands or get tired if you allow such a dog. And also the plate on you can go back! If at the same time, stroking the dog again, next time, it could happen again.

I don't want that?

Then, to try to stay at the wrong time, calmly and rigidly chase the dogs away, send them to the site (I hope she knows what it is?), And even if she comes back, keep ignoring the attempts and sending her back. The dog needs to understand that you may be busy, but he needs to know that he will attract your attention.
9. Allow yourself to jump and even drop
Well, here, you can't say anything, the owner's perspectives, in this case, are clear - clothes soiled with injuries. If it's not an easy dog that lets you down one way or another without success, you never know how it can turn around. 
What if the child?

in general, it is necessary to solve this problem. as fast as possible and quite difficult. On the next jump, grab the dog on your knee and move it away. Such a landing of the beast does not like it but will force the next time to think about the opportunity to jump. And if he's already let you down, grab him by the ear and drag him. Shooting ears not only like disobedient children but also disobedient dogs. And it works just as effectively!

10. Do not muzzle if the dog does not want to

Well, the dog doesn't want to wear a muzzle - so let's go for a walk. And if it is necessary to take the bus or train, all the more so, well, let's say - he didn't want to be muzzled, he should do it. 

Presented a photo? Now imagine how you walk after the transport you need... You don't want to?
Then we teach the dog to wear a snout when necessaryFirst, we teach the dog to muzzle at all. By the very classical methods, to put a snack in it, to give something delicious by the muzzle, in a word, we provoke a positive reinforcement and the perception of a muzzle not as something unpleasant, but as norms. And then, by necessity, whenever the owner has to go somewhere with the dog to places where, for some reason, there must be a muzzle.

11. Do not pull the dog with a loud bark in the street on people and other dogs 
each of us has probably had to deal with such an image: the leashed dog literally locks up barking and the owner can't do anything. At this stage, it is actually difficult to remedy the situation. and if everything is not neglected, you can work. and need to. as soon as the dog starts barking at cats, people, other dogs without any reason or specific need (for example, keeping the owner), make sure to divert it, divert attention, any way possible, let us understand that this action is undesirable. and come back as soon as she stops talking. Repeat barking - stop ironing. a group of this dog will understand fairly quickly.

12. Let the dog pull the leash and choose the direction of the walk. 
It is, in fact, one of the most innocuous phenomena of this kind. In some cases, we don't really care where to go for a walk, but not on the road. In this case, you can allow your pet to choose the direction of movement where it is most interesting. But if you are going on a business trip or if it is forbidden to walk a dog on a given property, you must force the dog to go where you need to go, otherwise, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation - not being late for a meeting or business or paying a decent fine to walk his dog. in the wrong place.

13. Allow the dog to carry and stir his personal belongings. 
The best way to stay without normal things and without a normal dog. The fate of things, in this case, is quite obvious, and the dog's fate is very pitiful, because, with such behavior, he can afford to carry bottles of household chemicals (which is not safe) and nothing else. This can end sadly and tragically. Yes, and on the owner of such a dog roars easily, beating him with "his" things that she currently wants to see in her paws, and not on her master.

To avoid this, make sure you constantly take your belongings to the dog's home, not forgetting to pay attention to appropriate toys. It may be necessary for a dog to gnaw or trample on something, but your task is not to let his uncontrolled behavior run free, but to offer him a fully-fledged alternative that is safe for you and at home and meets the dog's needs.

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