bouvier des flandres dog breeds

bouvier des flandres
bouvier des flandres

bouvier des flandres dog breeds

The Bouvier des Flandres is an agile and even-tempered herding dog created by farmers and cattle merchants that needed help with their work.

The breed originated in Flanders - a region that encompasses the northwestern part of Belgium and adjacent parts of the Netherlands and France.

Today Flanders refers to the Dutch-speaking
the northern portion of Belgium, but as far as dog
breeds go the Bouvier could just as well be considered a Dutch dog.

Early individuals didn’t look much alike, and
sizes and colors varied. They had enough in common to be called Bouviers, but it took a while before the breed reached a conform look, and the different types got funny nicknames, like Vuilbaard which means “Dirty Beard.”

Bouviers were very popular up until world war I, but the war devastated the areas where the dogs were bred and most of the dogs were abandoned as their families died or fled. Only a few families managed to stay and keep their dogs until the war was over.

These dogs are known for being steady, resolute, and fearless. They make great family members and guardians that also excel at herding, obedience, agility, and tracking. while the dogs are fairly calm indoors, this is a large working breed and they need lots of exercise and something to do.

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