chovu labrador dog breeds


labrador retriever:
The labrador retriever is the most popular
Country of origin: Canada but also present in the United States and the United Kingdom.
 It is also the most popular choice for assistance dogs in a number of countries. Many works as guide dogs for the blind, or as police dogs.

the breed originated in Newfoundland, where
they were used to work with fishermen; the dogs
helped pull in nets and caught fish that escaped
from fishing lines. since then, the dogs have
been crossed with setters, spaniels, and other
retrievers and the breed has become an ideal
family dog.

labradors typically love to swim and frolic in the water, and they have webbed paws. many are
athletic and energetic and love playing catch and retrieve games. They are normally cheerful,
get along well with children, and like other pets.
There are three colors of labradors: yellow, black, or chocolate, and they normally weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. 

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