guide to using puppy milk substitute for puppies

puppy milk
guide to using puppy milk 

guide to using puppy milk  substitute for puppies

guide to using puppy milk  substitute for puppies
Puppy milk is a complete breastmilk substitute indicated for feeding. orphaned puppies from birth to 35 days of age. In addition, there is recommended as a compliment in the feeding of pregnant females and in breastfeeding. 

puppy milk has been elaborated on the basis of whey, which delivers a greater digestibility and resembles natural breast milk. Its formula has been created to deliver the necessary balance of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats for the delicate puppy stage.

Puppy milk is indicated for the upbringing of orphan puppies, very small litters and numerous, aid in weaning, convalescent animals.

- Add 12 tablespoons (30 grams) per 105 ml of boiled (warm) water.
- Shake and mix until the contents are completely dissolved by about 1 minute to get 130 ml of ready-to-eat milk.

- Administer at a temperature of 35º to 40º C.
- It is recommended to prepare only the quantity necessary for immediate use, which can be kept under refrigeration for up to 24 hours. after day 35 slowly switch to a more solid puppy diet.
For adult animals, the same puppy milk dilution rate should be used as the used in puppies.

- PRESENTATION: Package with 200 gr.

 Includes measuring spoon

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