top of the most dangerous dogs in the world

top of the most dangerous dogs in the world 

We believe that animals are our younger brothers. and, of course, dogs are not at the bottom of the list. Moreover, it is not always easy to believe that an intelligent and caring pet, such as a dog, can cut off its limbs.

american pit bull terrier
american pit bull terrier
The fact is that not all dogs are born to bark joyfully at the sight of their extended hands. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most dangerous breeds, because, as they say, warned means warned

1. American Pit Bull Terrier
Fight a race that can kill almost any opponent. Poor dog training is fatally dangerous for others and for the owners themselves. Attention!

Right now, if we're talking about fighting dogs acquired in clubs where the animals have the CFI pedigree, we're talking about dogs that have virtually no aggression against humans. Bull terriers and staff terriers may have congenital aggression towards other animals (or they cannot, as lucky/unlucky here), but the aggression towards a person is not. It's unlucky/unlucky riders and trainers are strongly discouraged, and although we cannot guarantee the absence of fighting dogs aggressive towards humans, this is not a breed trend, nor a breed characteristic, but exceptions. authorized by unscrupulous owners. unfortunately, these exceptions create tragic and terrible situations and therefore remain for a long time during the hearing, but in numerical terms, it is actually a few thousand people.

dog masters comments: american pit bull terrier or simply Pit Bull Terrier is common in america. In other countries, it is almost impossible to find this breed, as it is on the list of prohibited breeds in many European countries.

The Pit Bull Terrier, as well as english and american terriers, is one of those breeds that, by international standards, is very aggressive towards a person, which is a worrying sign. That is, dogs of these breeds, if they are aggressive towards humans and not animals, are excluded from breeding, are not allowed to participate in exhibitions and competitions and, in the case of europe and the united states, are sold as pets and are not sterilized under the obligation to do so. Or even asleep.

However, there are many dogs whose breeders have the same attitude towards the standard of this breed as the opera ballerina, I am sorry. From this breeding and the fact that unscrupulous owners have stuffed staff and pit bulls instead of putting them to work like animals, they have started sinister rumors about these breeds. The stories of their bites seem really frightening, as it is almost impossible to remove a wounded burrow from its prey. This is why they have increased the number of attacks on a person at the genetic level.

2. rottweiler
It is considered to be one of the most dangerous breeds. a dedicated and obedient guard for her owner. The only passivity can save the life of a person who seemed to be suspicious of a rottweiler.

Comments dog masters: Here, in general, there are no complaints, this is really very true of the owners and the love of the host children, including a dog who does not understand jokes and is aggressive towards strangers. For their Rottweiler in the standard will not be dangerous, but for foreigners, including children - yes. The fact is that rottweilers, and especially men, often do not distinguish between comedy, playful and real aggression, and can bite the other, adult or child, even if he does not intend to hurt, but only to joke or tinker.

3. German shepherd
German Shepherd Dog is smart. That's why he's trained to search for and capture criminals. If the animal is not stopped in time or if the cutter of the law resists, the shepherd will pass from the guardian of the law to the cruel murderer.
Comments dog masters: This breed cannot be attributed to the number of dangerous for humans "by default". Of course, the German shepherd is used by the police, but before working there, puppies are first trained in obedience training, then they receive "specialization" when dogs are escorted and detained (or for other types of vocational training, follow-up, for example, or patrolling).

If a German Shepherd Puppy is not deliberately bruised, it will probably be a calm dog with enough contact, happy to communicate on the street and at home with friends and family.

And even if BUT or VEO are trained in defense or detention, they remain one of the best-controlled dogs that perfectly execute the owner's orders remotely and off-leash. According to a "Fu!" Acute, "Throw!" And other similar orders, the shepherd opens his mouth and releases the one he has just detained. At the same time, he can escort him, following the movements, and if he tries to hit a dog or owner, he will bite again or take his hand in the claws (with his teeth) or, on command, step back and leave the person alone. German and Eastern European sheepdogs are among the best-controlled dogs in the distance.

But the real problems can arise with other sheepdogs - Caucasians and Central Asians. Security guards and protective training are excellent, but they should be done either by those who are very good at training and can control their dog accurately or if the owner lives in sparsely populated areas, where there is a risk that any person will enter the territory, is almost nil. Caucasians and Alabama, if they are already involved in the work, have great difficulty delaying remote controls. Therefore, despite their high effectiveness, they are not used as service dogs in the Ministries of Interior, the Army, etc. Detaining a criminal with such dogs is very likely to result in serious injury or death, unlike working with well-controlled German shepherds, who have served for more than half a century in the police forces of different countries.

4. German boxer
The ancestors of the German boxer did not raise their fists in the ring and strangled a deadly grip on bulls and even bears. Therefore, it is preferable to treat not only this breed but also its host politely.

Dog masters comment: Although the creation of Bullenbeisserovs, mastiffs, and bulldogs, when creating a German boxer task, among other things, it was necessary to create a dog is not aggressive and well managed. The breed was officially registered in Munich in 1896 and since then a number of features of a German boxer have remained unchanged. One of their main characteristics is excellent obedience. Of course, a boxer can be raised as a watchdog, but he does not work mainly on aggression but on the play. For a boxer, the process of apprehending an intruder is a fascinating moment of transmission and as soon as he stops the resistance, he stops - the boxer releases him. It is a game that has its own rules and is based on the natural dominant behavior for animals and the one that recognizes their right to dominance. Due to their calm and lack of aggressiveness, German boxers are among the few breeds that are able to train on a guide dog for the blind. It is one of the most difficult training, requiring an absolute absence of aggressiveness on the part of the dog, which is an appropriate breed trait.

Of course, exceptions are found, as elsewhere, but on the whole, the German boxer breed can in no way be described as aggressive and dangerous.

5. doberman
On the one hand, the Dobermans are friendly. But if the owner is threatened with the slightest danger by another person, his natural aggression manifests itself here.

comments dog master: but about dobermans says a little more. they are really very aggressive and can be dangerous for humans. The big and good dobermans are serious opponents because of their high speed and their specific working method - they sink very fast and jump back immediately. For the Dobermans, it is not usual to hold the victim, multiple bites and "lift" him through the body, as many servants do. In the police department, dobermans were generally used in pairs and it was almost impossible to resist two dobermans. For the time being, dobermans are generally not used for detention, they are considered too traumatic and cruel. And yes, Dobermans belong to the category of dogs that can present spontaneous aggression. And they, like the Rottweilers, do not understand the "cosmic threat" to themselves or their masters.

6. Alaskan Malamute
If the Malamute "finishes", it will not be easy to calm it down. Dogs of this breed become virtually uncontrollable if they are not properly trained. Malamutes with a weight of fifty kilograms can deprive any adult of self-control, even if it does not seem like it at first sight. And in vain...

Dog handlers' comments: Malamutes, despite their similarity to wolves, are one of the friendliest and safest breeds of dogs! Like all horseback riding huskies, they have been bred for centuries so that these dogs can get along transparently with people and each other. The malamute, which is part of the number of Aboriginal races and is currently the official symbol of the state of Alaska, is generally not suitable for following the course of the PCL or its analogs, as it is not at all aggressive.

7. Chow Chow
Hunters for centuries on large animals, it is not difficult for these "Fuzzies" to put a person on their shoulders. The representatives of this breed are the owners, so it is preferable not to visit your master without an invitation. No matter how beautiful the chow-chow is, don't try to cuddle it, otherwise, you'll have to remember the expression about Tuzik and the cloth, where you'll have to play the role of the cloth.

dog-handler comments: these "soft" dogs, apparently confused with shar-pei they were at different times in history were hunting, guard and fighting dogs in China. The folded skin of a Shar-Pei protects it well from serious damage, without causing harm or even discomfort to the dog. But the chow-chow is a companion dog and... a dog meal. Traditionally, dog meat is common in China, and it is Chow that has been bred and is still bred, among other things, as a delicacy. Naturally, over the centuries of such an attitude towards them, any aggression against humans in these dogs is completely levelled off.

8. Canario Press Perro
Canary Island dogs were also excellent big game hunters, helping their owners to slaughter cattle. They were also known for their participation in dogfights, where they easily suffocated the victim. This breed has been allowed to keep only on the butchers of the chain. Making friends with the great Dane of the Canary Islands is very difficult - these creatures are incorruptible.

Dog-handler comments: Canary mastiff is a guard and guard dog that does not attack first. These dogs are not aggressive and only start to act if the first aggression has occurred on the other side. They are practically unsuitable for these types of protective training, where the dog must rush to the commander, even if the dog does nothing - the great Canary Islands dog "does not understand" why he must attack. According to the standard, they are balanced dogs (the predominant temperament types are blood and phlegmatic), focused on working with the owner and vigilant, but not aggressive towards strangers.

9. dalmatian
These guards, seeking to clear the right of ownership of everything that moves and does not move, were often born deaf. For this reason, the training of dalmatians often does not bring the desired success. As a result, the animal becomes unruly and capricious.

Dog masters comments: Dalmatians were not born deaf! Puppies of this breed are really born white, the characteristic color appears with age, the spots appear gradually on the dog's skin and can change some patterns over the course of life (these dogs are constantly kept apart). However, they are not deaf from birth, with the exception of albinos, but those with characteristic black or brown spots never appear on the coat. Albinism is a disease associated with the absence of melanin pigment in the animal's body. This defect is often genetically linked to deafness. White Dalmatian puppies are born normal, hearing impaired dogs.

The difficulty of raising these dogs may be related to the fact that they are very active and easy to contact (since shyness and not wanting to come into contact, even with strangers, can be used as a reason to disqualify an animal from exposure). Explaining to the Dalmatian that it is not necessary to run and communicate with everyone is not an easy task, but that it will work exclusively with good intentions.

10. Siberian Husky
In principle, the representatives of this race are quite peaceful. However, they are very similar to their wolf ancestors, the latter causing fear in some people, and fear of others is awakened by the animal instinct in the blood of any animal.

Dog handler comments: Siberian Husky - native sled dog, and like all sled dogs, Huskies have a conflict-free character, otherwise they could not work as a team. At the same time, Huskies, like all huskies, are very active dogs, and if they don't walk enough, they can organize real chaos at home.

Currently, the "Siberian Husky" breed is used not only as a sled but also as a companion and watchdog. In all three cases, aggressiveness is unacceptable to humans. Therefore, this breed cannot be considered dangerous to humans, although it can undoubtedly be attributed to breeds that are difficult to breed.

And who is really dangerous for man?
11. Russian Black Terrier
This breed, created in the 1920s and 1930s, is the only one in the world (!). A breed of dogs, bred in a targeted way for human work. The black terrier was raised by Soviet dog scientists to guard prisoners in the camps. His task was to prevent them from fleeing, including at the cost of the prisoners' deaths. The repressions of the 1930s, unfortunately, made this approach possible.

Now, the BRT is a recognized breed of the FCI, which has its fans, but it is not worth buying such a puppy from an unprepared dog owner. Although excellent guards develop as a result of the RFT, they do not stop at first if they have already attacked (like all burrows by the way), and you cannot be sure you can "remove" it from an intruder until he stops resisting completely. And secondly, Chernysh could try to start building his "backpack", thus obtaining a dominant position in the house. This, however, does not negate the fact that it will protect them from foreigners, only in this case, at its own discretion.

Working with these dogs is difficult, but interesting. They are suitable for those who have already had experience in the maintenance and training of large dogs.

And if you meet a Russian black burrow in the street, walking with its owner (even if it is a child), it is better not to even think wrong. The BRT really knows how to work for a person, the chance to manage them is extremely limited.

As we know, many breeds have been bred under certain conditions and for a specific purpose: to have fun hunting a ball or to hunt and keep cattle. As for modern dogs, it's all about education and love. Thus, dogs deprived of attention or simply abandoned have no choice but to return to the lifestyle of their aggressive ancestors, constantly fighting for existence under more difficult conditions than those they currently face. Try to avoid such mistakes, especially if you have become the owner of one of the dog breeds listed above.

You can read why dogs are aggressive in our other article entitled "Why do dogs bite?". However, we will be talking here about dogs, whose behavior is not really particular.

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