Bloodhound dog breeds



Weight :

Male: 90-110 lbs.
Female: 80-100 lbs.

Height at Withers:
Male twenty-six in.

Female twenty-four in.

Dolichocephalic (long face), drooping eyes, floppy ears (naturally), body folds (wrinkles)

Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes/day
Energy Level: Average
Longevity Range: 7-10 yrs.
The tendency to Drool: High Tendency to Snore: Low The tendency to Bark: Moderate

The tendency to Dig: Low Social/Attention Needs: High
Bred For:

Length: Short
Characteristics: Flat
Colors: Black and tan, liver and tan, red
Overall Grooming Needs: High

Club Recognition:
AKC Classification: Hound
UKC Classification: Scenthounds
Prevalence: Common

The hound dog could be a giant dog with long drooping ears and wrinkled skin, particularly on the face. The jowls and sunken eyes offer this 

dog a dignified, mournful expression.

The coat is brief, rather arduous to the bit, and carries one amongst 3 attainable color combinations: black and tan, liver and tan, or red. Some black and tan bloodhounds are preponderantly black apart from some tan spots on the legs and face.

Adult male bloodhounds typically vary between twenty-five and twenty-seven inches tall, though some grow as giant as thirty-two inches. Weights vary from ninety to one hundred thirty pounds (40 to sixty kilograms). Females average twenty-three to twenty-five inches tall, however, some reach twenty-eight inches. Their weights average eighty to a hundred pounds (36 to forty-five kilograms).

The hound dog could be a mild, patient, noble and wild animal. he is particularly sensible with kids and is understood to be exceptionally tolerant of tots World Health Organization clamber over him. He conjointly typically gets on well with alternative animals.

Beneath this mild conduct, however, run deep streaks of determination and independence. A hound dog includes a mind of his own and tends to form his own choices instead of adapt his owner's commands. This tendency is particularly true if the dog has detected a stimulating scent; if that happens, he'll be resolute in his determination to follow the path as way as he probably will.

The hound dog is one amongst the foremost melodious members of dogdom. He will perform full canine arias that feature communicatory baying, howling and whining.

Living With:
bloodhounds will be marvelous canine companions, however, they can also be an incredible challenge. they're comparatively slow to mature, hit adolescence at concerning one year and not reaching full maturity till a minimum of age 2. throughout that adolescent amount, the hound dog is probably going to be boisterous, clumsy, {curious concerning|interested by|interested in|inquisitive about} any fascinating scent and fearless about uptake something that smells fascinating. This tendency to eat includes such inappropriate objects as the TV remote controls, towels, batteries and automotive seats, which ends up in pricy post-tasting surgery to get rid of those objects.

This dog's long jowls create him a prodigious soul, and with a fast flip of his head, he will hurl that drool as way as twenty feet. The bloodhound's tenaciousness and independence will create coaching a challenge. Patience and consistency are required to show him basic courtesy. don't let your hound dog off leash, except during a firmly boxed in space. a stimulating scent can spark a resolute pursuit which will create the hound dog runproof to his guardian's commands. nonetheless, the hound dog is a lively breed that desires many exercises, particularly as a puppyhood. Like alternative giant dogs, the bloodhound's lifetime is comparatively short, concerning ten years.

The hound dog includes a long and noble history. The breed was formed within the seventh century by St. Hubert of the Kingdom of Belgium and his monks. Since then, these dogs have ofttimes been related to royalty. William the vanquisher brought many bloodhounds with him once he arrived in England in 1066, and trendy bloodhounds are descended from those dogs. Meanwhile, back in the Kingdom of Belgium, St. Hubert's religious residence continuing to gift the king of France with a try of black and tan bloodhounds once a year. Even today, in communicative elements of Europe, these dogs are referred to as St. Hubert Hounds.

Initially, bloodhounds were wont to track ruminant and alternative game. By the sixteenth century, however, they conjointly were wont to track individuals. these days bloodhounds assist with enforcement in addition as search-and-rescue efforts. Their skills are thus extremely regarded that trails performed by tried trailing bloodhounds are admittible as proof in court.

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