bravecto for dogs all the facts

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bravecto for dogs 

bravecto for dogs all the facts

Many people at Merck Animal Health are veterinarians and/or pet house owners and do what we have a tendency to do due to our love for animals. Their health and well-being is our prime priority. we all know that veterinarians and pet house owners look to North American nation to produce correct and balanced info concerning our product, which is why it's thus vital that we have a tendency to share the facts concerning Bravecto.

-The importance of eliminating FLEA and TICK:
As you will bear in mind, fleas and ticks don't seem to be simply a nuisance, however conjointly create animal and human health risks, as they'll transmit unwellness (including Lyme disease chain rickettsiosis, bartonellosis, and others).

That s why it's vital to safeguard pets from these parasites and keep them out of homes Bravecto is that the 1st and solely treatment that has been shown to quickly and effectively kill fleas and multiple tick species for twelve weeks in an exceedingly single dose. It is also effective for eight weeks against Amblyomma americanum ticks.

More than thirty-four million doses of Bravecto are distributed in sixty countries. we have a tendency to are happy with the irresistibly positive responses we’ve had from veterinarians and pet house owners from throughout the globe concerning the advantages of Bravecto.

- before its 1st approval by an administrative body, the protection of Bravecto was established through comprehensive clinical analysis studies.

- As a part of the product approval method, regulative agencies throughout the globe have reviewed the Bravecto analysis information and have deemed it safe available in their countries, once used in line with the product label. world safety police investigation of Bravecto use has provided further compelling proof of the protection of the product.

- in an exceedingly well-controlled field study, Bravecto was used at the same time with alternative medications, like vaccines, anthelmintics, antibiotics, and steroids. No adverse reactions were discovered once Bravecto was used at the identical time as alternative medications.1,2

- the speed of all adverse event reports is assessed as RARE.
The most common rumored events are delicate and transient epithelial duct upset, that is noted on the product label.

- Merck Animal Health’s analysis scientists have completely reviewed the protection information for Bravecto from over fifty-five controlled clinical trials.

- Clinical analysis information and analysis of adverse events don't demonstrate a causative relationship between Bravecto and liver or urinary organ problems or cancer.

As an accountable animal health company, we have a tendency to take every single report of a possible adverse event seriously.
- Whenever potential, we have a tendency to work with the pet owner and attending medico to assemble the maximum amount clinical info as we are able to to do to assist verify the reason for a pet’s health issue, and whether or not or not the product might are concerned.

- it's vital to critically examine the facts referring to adverse events vs. anecdotes that don't seem to be supported by science and medical proof. A report doesn't mean effort.

- we have a tendency to report findings to govern regulative agencies around the world (based on a country’s several laws and policies), so they'll build a totally aware, scientific assessment concerning the protection of the product.

- we have a tendency to do that so correct safety and effectiveness info is on the market for veterinarians prescribing our product.

- we have a tendency to are assured within the Safety of Bravecto.
For a lot of info, please visit the Bravecto web site. perpetually talk over with your own medico concerning the health and well-being of your pet, and once creating a choice concerning FLEA and tick management product.

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