Greyhounds Trust - Basic Commands and Training

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Greyhounds Trust - Basic Commands and Training

Importance of training:

Dog coaching ought to be fun for you and your racer.
Everyone likes a well behaved and socialized dog and providing some military training can facilitate equip your racer to regulate to his life once athletics and recognize what's expected of him in his new home.

Positive coaching techniques:

Positive coaching works by appreciated our dogs for the behaviors need|we would like|we wish} and ignoring or preventing the behaviors we tend to don’t want. By appreciated our dogs as shortly as they perform the desired behavior (such as ‘Down’), we are letting them recognize they need performed the right action and giving them a reason to repeat the behavior next time we tend to evoke it.
Greyhounds are a sensitive breed and don't respond well to social control. victimization dislike coaching techniques like shouting, physical social control, or victimization rattle cans, won't teach your dog what you would like him to try and do. it's a lot of possibilities to form your dog fearful and cause alternative behavior issues.

Using rewards in training:

When you begin teaching your dog, you wish to reward him as shortly as he has performed the desired action. the kind of rewards you employ must be one thing your dog very needs.
This will vary from dog to dog and rewards will embody food, praise, light foreplay and games with toys.
For most greyhounds, food rewards work o.k.. tiny items of food that are wet, soft and funky, like parched chicken, cheese, meaty strips, sausage, and sausage are ideal The rewards have to be simple to handle and concerning the dimensions of an outsized pea so that they are often delivered and eaten quickly.
Remember within the initial stages of coaching you may reward you are the dog when he performs the behavior. Once you're certain
your dog is aware of and understands what you’re asking him to try and do you'll be able to begin appreciated intermittently, as an example, 3 times
out of 10.

Before you begin your training:You will need:

A flat, snug lead (leather or soft webbing)
An animal skin racer collar (’fishtail’ form collar for racers) or greyhound martingale collar
A muzzle (the plastic box sort for greyhounds)
Small, high-value treats (the size of an outsized pea) A quiet space, with none distractions to coach in

coaching Tip:

Remember to stay coaching sessions short and fun. many 5-10 minute sessions daily are a lot of helpful than one long session - for you and your dog.

Attention building and focus:

Just like America, dogs will solely very learn once they’re taking note and centered on the teacher. Teaching you racer to concentrate on you is a vital a part of early coaching and might be achieved quite simply. The aim of the eye building exercise is to show your dog to form eye contact with you and hold your gaze.

. Let your dog see that you simply have the food rewards. Close your hand round the rewards and hold your arm out horizontally by your facet. Your dog is probably going to stay watching
the hand with the rewards and should even bark or whine to urge the food. Ignore this and keep your eyes on the dog.

. Usually, once four - ten seconds, your dog can have a look at your face or eyes. Say ‘yes’ and praise your dog whereas giving a food reward.
To begin, confirm that your dog is ahead of you which you have got a handful of food rewards.

. Stand still and repeat the exercise once more. you must realize after 3 or four repetitions that your dog mechanically starts to seem at your face and into your eyes. Say ‘yes’ every time and praise and reward your dog.

. step by step devolve on the length of your time you'll be able to hold your the dog is gaze, praiseful and appreciated him anytime.

Training tip:

You do not have to build this exercise into a verbal command. If you train and observe it ofttimes, your the dog can mechanically need to form eye contact with you, instead of simply creating eye contact after you raise him too.

Leave it!:

Leave it's a really helpful command for all dogs to grasp. It suggests that to go away that item, ignore it and concentrate on ME.
It has several sensible uses for all dogs, particularly once it involves things like cat coaching or preventing counter-surfing
(stealing food).

Training ‘leave it’:

. Show your dog that you simply have a tasty food reward in your hand. Hold the foot firmly between your thumb and finger, thus solely a touch is thrust out and say ‘leave it’. Your dog is probably going to undertake to urge the food by licking, nibbling or pawing at your hand. Ignore this and keep your hand still.
.The moment your dog takes his nose off from your hand, whether or not just for a second, feed him a food reward from your
other hand.
3  Stand still and repeat the exercise once more. You should notice when 3 or four repetitions your dog mechanically starts to appear at your face and into your eyes. Say ‘yes’ when and praise and reward your dog.
 . bit by bit turn on the length of your time you'll hold your dog’s gaze, laudatory and profitable when.

Training tip:

 you are doing not have to create this exercise into a verbal command. If you train and observe it
frequently your dog can mechanically wish
to make eye contact with you, instead of simply
making eye contact after you raise him too.


stay is a useful and sensible command. It may be used to your dog waits by the door, doesn’t jump off the car boot before you unleash him and stays on his bed or mat whereas you eat your dinner.

Training the stay:

Make sure you've got many food rewards which you begin your coaching during a place with no distractions.
 . make sure you have your dog’s attention and together with your dog straight before of you, say ‘stay’ and provides your hand signal for ‘stay’ (hand delayed with flat of your palm facing the dog). Reward before long if the dog stays still. Repeat this a pair of times. Reward when one second of stillness, then work up to a count to 2, then praise and reward your dog for not moving when.
 - bit by bit build up the length of your time your dog can keep directly before of you, profitable when.
 - Once your dog is faithfully remaining within the ‘stay position’ directly before of you, you'll then begin adding in a long way. provide your keep command than the first step foot backward. Step back to your dog and reward.
 If your dog moves repeat however step away additional slowly, or cut back the dimensions of your step backward.

 - Repeat over many sessions, bit by bit increase the distance from your dog till you'll move additional away and circle him. bear in mind to step back to your dog when and praise and reward.
 - don't be tempted to decision your dog out of the keep whereas your dog is learning this command. This helps make sure that your dog builds a solid keep, otherwise, you may be profitable him for the discharge and not staying still.

Training tip:

Don it is tempted to rush your coaching for stay’. Work on one component at a time like the length of your time, a distance far away from your dog, or level of distractions, before combining all 3.

Come once called:

If you would like to let your dog off the lead, it's essential that he incorporates a sturdy recall and can return to you once he's known as. 
As greyhounds are sighthounds, they'll be distracted by movement and things we have a tendency to might not be ready to see.
Never let your racer off during a public place, unless you're a thousandth certain that they're going to come to you once known as. continuously use a muzzle after you initial let your dog off the lead. Do not start this work out till you're sure that you simply have down pat ‘stay’ and ‘leave it’ commands.

Training the recall:

To begin coaching the recall, you may want a helper, plenty of food rewards and a quiet setting to coach in. If a helper is not offered, a protracted line may be wont to encourage your dog
to come to you.
 - raise your helper to carry your dog. change the front of your dog and show him you've got a tasty food treat or toy, that he might want to Walk 5 paces backward and decision your dog mistreatment the ‘come’ command.
 - As presently as your dog involves you, slip 2 fingers beneath his collar, praise him and feed him the food reward.
 - bit by bit increase the space from your dog after your decision, making certain you mostly praise and reward him for returning to you.

 - Once your dog is faithfully returning to you in associate setting while not distractions, begin active in additional troublesome and distracting places like the garden, or a quiet corner of a park. bear in mind you may have to cut back space slightly when you begin during a new setting.

Using a long line:

A long line could be a terribly long lead, typically manufactured from soft webbing, that attaches to the dog’s harness. Generally, a protracted line comes in lengths of 5 to 10 meters and provides the dog with some freedom, while remaining below your management. it's helpful if you don’t have somebody to assist you together with your coaching and notably once you begin to apply recall in more distracting environments.
As greyhounds will accelerate up to speeds of forty mph in a very matter of seconds, it's judicious to use a protracted line in conjunction with a harness instead of a neck collar to forestall neck injury.

Training tip:

Slipping 2 fingers below the collar once your dog involves you and before you feed the treat, gets your dog won't have his collar felt once he involves you.
This will forestall him from running off, that means you'll clip the lead back on once you must. If you discover that your dog isn’t responding in a very coaching session or seems to possess forgotten what he has learned, take a short break and resume the coaching later. If your dog was responding well before, it's going to be that you simply have jumped too way ahead with the coaching. for instance, if your dog was in a position to stay for 5 seconds and next time, you accumulated the time to 10 seconds and your dog rapt, it implies that you wish to cut back the time back to 5 seconds and step by step increase the time instead of jumping ahead.
Many greyhounds and their house owners relish taking part in dog sports like nimbleness and competitive obedience. 

Basic dog coaching will create a distinction and facilitate a hound suits life in a very new home. This leaflet offers valuable hints and simple to follow coaching tips.

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