Physical characteristics of the Boxer Breed Dog

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 Boxer Breed Dog

Varieties :
Medium-sized, robust but also harmonious and elegant. The head is square with the muzzle short in relation to the skull: the proportion is 1/2. It is a prognathic dog, with the mandible slightly more advanced than the jaw. This type of dentition is a defect in most dog breeds, but it is prescribed in the Boxer standard. The eyes are very dark. The ears can be pointed or left whole: in the latter case, they fall forward making a slight fold. The tail is set high, cut short and carried upright or left natural.

Coat: Short, hard, shiny and adherent:
Colour: yellow (in different shades, from dark tan red to light yellow) or brindle. White spots are allowed provided they represent less than one-third of the base color.
Height: 57 to 63 cm for the male and 53 to 59 cm for the female
Weight: 30 to 38 kg for the male and 24 to 32 kg for the female.

Origins and history:
It is descended from the old "Bullenbeisser" (office catchers), and in particular from the Brabant Bullenbeiler, a less stocky and more flexible type of Bullenbeisser. The current type of subjects has been participating in exhibitions since the end of the last century.

Character and skills:
It is one of the most balanced and strong-willed defense dogs. The Boxer is very gentle with children and loves them so much that he could be named the "best four-legged babysitter in the world". He is cheerful, playful and friends with everyone unless someone is angry with his master or his property. In this case, he becomes a terrible opponent. It is not easy for a layman to train, but it gives wonderful results if it is entrusted to expert hands. However, even if he is not trained, he spontaneously fulfills the functions of guardian and defender, especially with regard to children. He remains sociable and playful even when he is old.

Living conditions:
Boxers can live in a garden, even in winter, if they have a suitable shelter, but they prefer to live indoors with their owners because of their extremely sociable nature. It should never be left in a car in direct sunlight, or in a garden without the possibility of putting itself in the shade. In a house, he doesn't lose his hair, but he drools a little.

Like all dogs with short chamfer, the Boxer may have breathing problems in case of excessive heat. Average life expectancy: about 10 years

Remarks and advice:
As it is a very common dog, puppies are easily found. Simply, they are not always properly selected subjects. It is therefore always recommended to have good breeding because unselected dogs may not have the wonderful character we have talked about. If you consider that the fact that he drools in the house is very embarrassing, choose a female instead because she drools less than the male.

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