chinese shar pei dogs

chinese shar pei
chinese shar pei dogs

chinese shar pei dogs

chinese shar-peis of guangzhou Province was born in southern china they were bred to be hunters, herders, guardians, associate in Nursing simply a general utility dog they were conjointly once a working dog and a pit fighter. Their loose skin allowed them to dodge and twist off from fatal bites. once the People’s Republic of China was formed the dog population in China was much tired. some Shar-Peis, however, were bred in Hong Kong and Taiwan, therefore saving the breed. They were brought to us in 1973.

ersonality A well-trained and well-socialized Shar-Pei makes a good family dog due to its devotion to them. They prefer to be with their owner all the time and seem to fancy their human companions over dog companions. Shar-peis are sometimes confident and calm. as a result of they'll be freelance and distant with strangers, arrogant” is usually wont to describe their perspective. Shar-peis are intelligent however will be stubborn once it involves coaching. they create wonderful guard dogs.

Appearance Chinese Shar-peis sometimes weigh between forty to fifty-five pounds and stand approximately eighteen to twenty-five inches tall. they're solid and muscular in build. Their coats are short and rough, and colors vary from black, fawn, cream, tan and lavender. They can have a diluted pigmentation, which suggests the nose and nails are the identical color because the coat they're best known for his or her extraordinary deep wrinkles and “hippo face.” Sharpeis are available in 2 varieties, super-wrinkled and solely gently wrinkled. Like Chow Chows, the Shar-peis have bluish-black tongues.


 The Chinese Shar-pei is that the forty-fifth most well-liked dog registered with America's Pet written record opposition. At just once it absolutely was named “the rarest dog within the world” by the Guinness Book of World Records. The name “shar-peis” suggests that “sand skin,” which refers to the feel of their coat, not the color.

The Shar-Pei could be a furrowed dog with triangular ears and a bluish tongue  There are solely 2 breeds within the world with blue tongues:
the Shar-Pei and also the Chow-Chow. each these breeds stem from
The origins of the Shar-Pei are unknown, however, there are pictures on pottery in China from the dynasty (206 BC) with sturdy resemblances to the breed. The breed was originally unbroken as numerous farm dogs within the country, used for searching, herding, and guarding.
The dogs were bred for intelligence and strength. the bizarre skin and coat stem back to the present time too; the loose skin and prickly coat helped the dogs avert wild animals.
The Shar-Pei is understood for being calm, freelance, and loyal. These dogs are dedicated to their family however will be reserved amongst
Puppies have several wrinkles, however, the dogs “grow into” their skin as they mature, and adults typically solely have wrinkles on the face, a few on their shoulders, and a few at the bottom of the tail. The wrinkles would like some additional care, ensure to stay the skin clean and dry.

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