What is APOQUEL® and how to eliminate itching in dogs

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What is APOQUEL® and how to eliminate itching in dogs

What is Apoquel?

Apoquel (oclacitinib tablets) is associate degree anti-itch, medicine medication with a replacement and distinctive mode of action. it's not associate degree medicament or a cortisone-type drug. we discover that it's typically very effective. Our expertise suggests that it works nice in around fiftieth, partly in around 30%, and poorly in 20% of dogs.

How do I offer the tablets?
Apoquel is given with or while not food. for a few dogs, we have a tendency to visit it double daily (morning and night) for a brief amount of your time, then scale back to once per day. For others, we have a tendency to begin directly per day If given once daily, it is given either morning OR night, counting on once your dog seems most fidgety. Ideally, Apoquel® mustn't be used doubly daily over an extended amount of your time, as this could increase the probabilities for facet effects.

Are there any facet effects of Apoquel®?

Owners have typically reported no noticeable
side effects. a really few dogs have had a rather lowered blood count throughout treatment, which is why we have a tendency to advocate some straightforward blood tests during the first months of treatment. A few dogs have vomited when the administration, although it’s not clear this was associated with the medication.

Can I use Apoquel® together with alternative medications?

Apoquel is safe to use together with antibiotics, antifungals anti-arthritis medicine, hypersensitivity reaction shots or drops, any flea/tick/heartworm preventive, thyroid supplements, and seizure medications. You should not offer the subsequent medicine at the same time as Apoquel® while not consulting your veterinarian: cortisone-type medications or Atopica®.

Must my dog have any tests run before beginning Apoquel® treatment?

As long as your dog is in a physiological state otherwise, no specific tests are necessary. It’s forever wise for your pet to possess had annual blood tests as half of his/her physical examination, though, and if there are any health queries or issues, we may advocate these tests be done. Once beginning Apoquel®, we have a tendency to advocate a blood count when 2 months, six months, and one year of treatment.

Are there any long effects of Apoquel® treatment?

There aren't any familiar effects of Apoquel® on organs like the kidneys and liver. Some dogs are treated with Apoquel for quite 5 years with none downside, and that we don't expect there'll be long issues. Dogs taking Apoquel® might have a rather higher risk of developing bladder infections. To be safe, if your pet is to be treated with Apoquel® for several years, we advocate that after yearly your dog have a physical examination, a blood count, kidney/liver blood tests, and a pee take a look at. These tests are associate degree excellent plan as a part of associate degree annual health test and even a lot of vital for a pet taking any medication for a chronic skin condition.

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