beagle dog breeds


beagle dog breeds

Features and characteristics
Size: 33 to 40 cm
Weight: LOC
Hair: short, dense and weather-resistant

General description:
the beagle is a vigorous, distinguished, compact, lively and restless dog, whose head must be strong without being heavy, with a square lip, with flat ears at the well-rounded tip.
the dark brown eyes have a lively expression, the whip is carried cheerfully. the coat is short and resistant.

all recognized colors for hounds are allowed, provided the tip of the whip is white, but the beagle's coat is usually tricolor, with a black coat bordered with brown, the belly, throat, snout and white limbs. there are also two-tone Beagles, mostly white and orange (Lemons).

History of the event:
For some, the Beagle is the descendant of old French hounds introduced into great britain around the 11th century (during its conquest by William). he was crossed with the Harrier for hunting purposes.
for others, it is an english dog, designed in this country for several centuries to hunt rabbits (beagling). finally, it is said that its origins could be much older and go back to ancient Greece!
the origin of the label "beagle" is of course uncertain. It could derive from the old English word "beagle", the old french word "beagle" or the Celtic word "beag", all terms meaning "small".

it was in the 16th century that the beagle spread to england. His voice earned him the nickname "singing beagle".

it is claimed that henry VIII showed him more affection and tenderness than his many wives!
Imported (or reintroduced) into France around 1860 by bosun masters, since the Second World War it has become the most widespread hound in france and throughout the world. the french beagle club was founded in 1914.

The beagle combines, in a small format, the maximum of qualities. The standard describes it as follows: "cheerful, bold, active, energetic and determined dog. Lively, intelligent, of equal temperament. courageous, resistant, very fast, he has a good sense of smell. he's a demanding dog, screaming and hurrying. the beagle must be out in the field as soon as it is acquired if its veterinarian agrees, i.e. from the age of 2 months in order to become familiar with the odors of wildlife in which it will have to take an interest quickly. they can work alone, in pairs or in packs. it is the perfect hunting dog. it has a very fine nose, and a track stamp that makes it possible to spot it, even very far away. as a pack dog, they are used to living with precise hierarchical references. It is up to the master to establish these rules. gifted with great qualities on the field, devoid of any aggressiveness, the beagle is also an excellent family companion a little "glue pot"! Very gentle in general with children, he likes to share their games.

Pack dog. The beagle is always happy with his fellow-creatures. The idea is to take at least two!

Living in the city:
The beagle, a very lively and sparkling dog, needs at least two long outings a day to maintain his muscles and avoid being overweight. He obviously enjoys big races in the countryside, he's not a hunter for nothing!

The Beagle adapts to the city but needs space to exercise. Only 10% of beagles are companion dogs. At home, he becomes a real companion dog. But he's obviously not a lapdog.

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Food & Health:
industrial food provides dog owners with specialties adapted to the weight, size, and age of the dog. It also offers foods corresponding to each dog's level of physical activity and state of health.
the veterinarian may advise giving only one meal (in the evening) or two (a light meal in the morning and a larger one in the evening) and nothing between meals. the beagle's ration must be distributed at the same time and place by feeding it alone in an isolated and quiet place in the house, after its owners.

Water is very important, it must always be available. In case of excessive consumption, consult your veterinarian.

 its coat does not require any particular care. Simply brush it once or twice a week to remove dead hair and dust. You must pay particular attention to your long ears, and clean them regularly with a suitable product. 

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