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Cdb oil for dogs

The legalization of cannabis opens a surprising door for dog owners.
CBD is an extract of cannabis that can help reduce anxiety and pain in dogs, without the dog being frozen/high. It is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs which are often addictive and have undesirable side effects (e.g. Prozac for dogs). CBD is consumed orally, by pouring a few drops into the dog's mouth. Without psychoactive effects, giving CBD to your dog could be an interesting solution that only risks doing good!
If you are like us, you have never heard the word "CBD" before, recently. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about giving CBD to your dog.

What are the effects?
After ingesting a dose of CBD, your dog feels better. It's a vague description so let me elaborate: CBD doesn't add any sensation but rather, reduces anxiety and pain. A little like taking an Advil doesn't make you feel better but rather masks your pain. Giving CBD to your dog reduces his pain perception and reduces his anxiety level without making him high. CBD does not make you dizzy, hallucinate or blur your ideas. When it works (because it doesn't work on all dogs) it relieves distress, relaxes, reduces anxiety and pain. The official website of the SQDC says that CDB can create an impression of a sense of relaxation and increase calmness and tranquility. "

When we describe the effects on the dog it is vague because the difference to be observed is in the absence or reduction of a behavior. Instead of grunting, panicking, churning, barking, barking, being on the lookout for every sound, the dog is just calm.
Humans can also consume CBD for the same reasons as dogs. The effects of CBD on dogs and humans are essentially the same. These reasons can be divided into 2 main groups:
A) Reduce pain (arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, etc.)
B) Reduce anxiety
Shape :
In order to be consumed, CBD is extracted from the plant and then added to the oil. This is called a "tincture". It is in this liquid form that CBD is generally sold. The tincture is then sold in a small 30ml bottle in which the concentration of CBD per milliliter varies.

Dosage :
The regular dose is 0.3mg CBD per kilo (dog weight). So, for my dog who weighs 20kg, we give him 6mg a day.
Formula: Weight of your dog in kg x 0.3 = number of mg per day.
The maximum dose not to be exceeded per day is 10 mg CBD per kilogram for an adult dog.
Cost :
 the 30 ml bottle is at $82.5, but its concentration is very high. For my dog who consumes 6mg per day, the small 30ml bottle represents 125 doses. However, there is still a way to obtain them illegally, but at your own risk. Note that paying less is probably not a good idea for this kind of thing. Low-cost products will not have a high enough CBD concentration to be effective. I wouldn't trust a bottle for less than $40 for example, even for a low concentration bottle.
Hemp also contains CBD but in considerably smaller quantities. Thus we find products for dogs that display CBD, at a lower price, on Amazon for example, but these products will not have a real effect on your dog because their concentration of CBD is drastically lower.

Why are we giving it to our dog:
We had long since accepted that our reactive dog would always be afraid. That the noises in the street, there's nothing to do, it just scares him and the neighbors coming home, it's just not his thing.
After reading on the reactive dog forums, we often saw the term CBD coming back, without understanding what it meant. People said they thought it made a "real difference". When someone said they were at the end of their rope and didn't know what to do, someone inevitably said, "Did you try to give him CBD?
Test! We took some too:
Because we are not comfortable giving something to our dog without testing it ourselves, we tried to take CBD at the same time as we were giving it to our dog. Because we suffer from anxiety, and because we are the lightweight people we know, we feel comfortable telling you that there is indeed no hallucinogenic effect and that we do not feel high at all. It is more of a tool for managing anxiety. Personally, I think it avoids having black thoughts going around in your head. Thoughts are one after the other rather than a snowballing avalanche. If you suffer from anxiety, you will understand what I mean.

CBD for humans VS CBD for dogs :
Several companies sell CBD. Some sell CBD for humans and others for dogs. It is the same CBD, the only difference is the type of oil in which the CBD is put. Some companies use fish oil as a vessel in the "CBD for dogs" while the "CBD for humans" would be in vegetable oil for example. But basically, there is no CBD for human vs. dog: it's the same thing!
To know! CBD does not work on all dogs:
One thing that has reassured us is that it doesn't affect everyone. It is not possible to know exactly what percentage of dogs taking CBD "works" but we had read that CBD has an effect on 50% of dogs. The effects are seen between 5 and 30 minutes after consumption and last about 4 hours. There are dogs for whom it has no effect and for others, it practically works miracles.
It is widely recommended to start with a small dose and gradually increase until you see the effects. If you reach the maximum dose and notice no difference after a few weeks, you can try another CBD supplier or conclude that it doesn't work for your dog.

People usually use cannabis to get high. What makes cannabis high is THC.
CBD, although it is also extracted from cannabis, is not at all the same as THC. It doesn't make you high. It can be consumed by both dogs and humans. Only the dosage differs.
CBD is safe for dogs but THC is not. Compared to humans, dogs have a proportionally higher sensitivity to THC and can be seriously ill after consuming it.

although CBD is safe for dogs, there are still cases of toxicity due to cannabis. Cannabis is toxic to dogs. Veterinarians have noted an increase in cases of poisoning of dogs with edible cannabis products for humans.
The greatest danger is caused by "edibles", especially chocolate ones because chocolate is toxic to dogs. Of course, never smoke your dog.


We are neither doctors nor veterinarians. Consult your veterinarian for any medical treatment. Our history and perspective do not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.

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