chow chow dog breed

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chow chow dog

chow chow dog breed

the fluffy, lovely 8-week-old chow chow puppy becomes a robust and willfully freelance dog
in a few short months. though the chow is extremely intelligent and intensely loyal to his owner, his strength can make him a challenge ideally suited to associate in Nursing owner ready to present him each time and patience. he's serious, dignified, and proud.

1. history of the chow chow 

The chow is one in all the oldest placeable forms of dog (dating back quite 3000 years). Originally from Mongolia, the chow was used for guarding temples in china, hunting, and swarming.
Today, the chow is primarily a companion dog.

2. appearance

a) Rough: The Chow may be a short, compact, squarely designed dog with an associate in nursing swarming outer coat notably thick around the neck giving a lion-like mane and a soft woolly
undercoat. it's a blue/black tongue and as a pup forty-four instead of the traditional forty-two teeth. The tail is curled over its back and its straight back legs provide it a novel contrived gait.

b) Smooth: 

this is often just like the rough apart from the coat that ought to be short, abundant, dense, straight, and solid (not flat) and plush-like in texture.

3. Temperament:
Extremely loyal, dignified, aloof, discerning and proud, the chow has an associate in nursing independence a lot of typically found in an exceedingly cat than a dog. they like to be greeted with a hand (to see and smell) just under their
nose and not a pat on the pinnacle from higher than or behind. Their name as a single dog is
misunderstood. though they go for one person, they're going to pronto settle for alternate members of the family. they're ab initio cautious of strangers however if rehomed can, with a touch of patience, learn to trust their new owner.

4. Characteristics
a) GUARDING - probably due to the role of their early ancestors most Chows are excellent guard dogs solely barking once there's one thing to bark at. they're notably protective of their homeowners and ‘their’ youngsters.

b) CHASING - thanks to their basic searching instincts they're going to chase, and if in an exceeding pack (2 or more) will kill sheep, squirrels, cats or the rest given the chance. they are doing not chase sticks/balls – ‘you threw it, you go and obtain it! ‘

5. Behavior with:
a) alternative animals - a chow can seldom begin a fight with other dogs however is quite able to defend itself if attacked and can continuously keep in mind what attacked it. most puppies have a healthy respect for alternative dogs and cats if introduced to them once terribly young.
b) youngsters - chows are superb with children if cited with them and are notably protective of ‘their’ youngsters. However, it's essential that young youngsters are continuously supervised with any dog and kids ought to ne'er be left alone till they need to be been educated Respect animals without intimidation or apprehension.

6. Colors
The most common colors are red and black. chows may also be blue (as in Persian cats), fawn and cream (with or while not biscuit-colored ears). do remember of any chows being available in any
other color descriptions these don't change to the chow chow breed customary. If doubtful
contact the breed council Secretary or a club Secretary for steerage.

7. Where the dog or bitch is located
This is all the way down to personal preference and whether or not the dogs will be unbroken singly (e.g. during seasons). each is tender however equally obstinate.

8. Exercise
chows are compact, heavily-built dogs and will not be inspired to leap up or race up and
down stairs, as this could cause injury to their straight hind legs. they will run quickly over short
distances. They like to play within the snow, relish dry weather and can gayly lie outside for hours on finish provided they need somewhere to shelter as most chows dislike obtaining their feet wet and are reluctant to travel go in the rain. chows don't need plenty of exercises, however, are continuously Those who are interested in hiking and enjoying the good smells. puppies ought to be able to play within the garden and have short (10 minutes) walks double daily till they're a year previous once the length of the walk will be increased.

it is necessary to not let chows get too hot. In summer, walk early within the morning or in the cool of the evening. chows haven't any sense and can gayly walk down a freeway with traffic
dodging either facet of them. as a result, it's unwise to allow them to off the lead, apart from in an enclosed house, till you're assured they will be recalled and can come on command.

9. Feeding
at eight weeks chow puppies need four alimentary, sensible quality meals daily, with a restricted quantity of white meat. the stock raiser ought to offer you a diet sheet description the kind and amount of food. they do not ordinarily satiate and will be fed to appetence. increase the quantity of food because the chow grows. from concerning 12-14 weeks scale back the amount of meals to three however increase the amount till approximately six months, when that 2 meals daily is adequate however once more increasing the quantity it's not suggested to present any dog ‘tit-bits’ however some laborious biscuits are often given to assist to keep teeth clean and as an hour or breakfast treat. family ‘leftovers’ notably vegetables and fish are often accessorial to the Chow’s main meal. ne'er provide burned bones and always confirm there's many contemporary, clean water on the market to drink.

10. Grooming:
Most Chows don't wish to get their feet wet however they are doing fancy being clean and groomed. Some Chows dribble once excited and it's vital to dry the hair on the chest frequently, therefore, the skin doesn’t become sore and inflamed.

Your Chow can invariably look sensible with a radical brushing once every week with a slicker lecture to the skin and a 10-minute neaten session in between. there'll even be very little, if any, shedding of hair double a year once they amendment coat. Care ought to be taken to not drag the soft undercoat out. Tangles ought to be titillated out and special attention paid to the thick hair on the rear of the legs and the hindquarters and also the soft fine hair behind the ears.
Bathing – puppies are often bathed from eight weeks ahead during a gentle dog shampoo ensuring to rinse completely and being careful to not get soap in their eyes or water in their ears.

For your own peace of mind, it's recommended to require your puppy to a vet near your home as early as attainable for a check-over and any inoculations/worming which will ensue as suggested by the stock raiser.
a) INOCULATIONS: Most vets begin inoculations at eight weeks with a follow-up at ten weeks and then once a year subsequently. don't take the puppy to go into the public till your vet advises his inoculation program is complete.

 Puppies ought to be wormed for roundworms each period till twelve weeks recent or freed from worms then wormed monthly till six months old. It is recommended that adult dogs ought to be wormed a minimum of double a year and ideally four times if you have got youngsters otherwise you live wherever there is stock. Your stock raiser can tell you once the puppy was last wormed and what with and your vet can advise what additional warming is important it's important ne'er to worm and treat for insects among three days of each other.

There is no breed while not health issues. Generally, Chows are healthy and stoic and live 12/14 years. the subsequent are the exception instead of the rule as all honorable breeders aim to
eradicate poor health problems. 
However, your Chow might encounter the following: -
Entropion (eyelids that flip in) will need an operation to get rid of the offensive excess skin however providing no harm is being caused to the particular eye your vet might need to attend till the pinnacle has absolutely developed before operative because the condition can correct itself once the chow’s head grows.
However, chows usually have wet eyes, if growth as pups, or once stressed, or in windy conditions, or often once the tear ducts are blocked.
Eczema/ hot spots chows are inclined to urge this notably in heat weather and will chew their coats. If this happens and that they cause a sore space it's essential to scrub this and let the air get thereto
so that it'll heal. If the coat actuation and haptic sensation persist and no parasites are a gift (fleas are terribly rare on chows), an amendment of diet to less meat or a lower macromolecule food might solve the matter.

Bloat In common with any thick breed the adult Chow is at risk of bloat (excess air within the stomach), which may cause the abdomen to swell apace and twist painfully and may be fatal if veterinary attention isn't wanted forthwith. It is often caused by food swelling within the abdomen
therefore an adult Chow ought to be fed 2 smaller meals instead of one massive meal and any biscuit combine should be completely soaked.
Cruciate ligament As in any breed of dog, jumping or turning quickly will harm the ligaments within the knee.

Breathing Some Chows (usually the heavier headed ones) suffer from respiration issues,
particularly in heat weather, and if your Chow seems to struggle for air it'd be knowing to consult your vet. this could not be confused with the unarticulate noises a Chow makes once it's reprehension you Hip abnormalcy this may have an effect on all breeds and happens wherever the ball joint doesn’t work snugly into the socket. This inherited disease will lie dormant for many generations however high- marking parents increase the probability of high-scoring issue thus make sure the fogeys have low scores.

Heatstroke – once more this affects all breeds however notably clothed ones just like the Chow. Never leave a Chow in an exceedingly automotive on a hot day – whether or not the windows are left open and therefore the car is set within the
shade the Chow’s serious coat may result in him heating and dying. typically associate in Nursing otherwise perfectly healthy dogs could get hot in weather conditions or because of stress. this will cause heat stroke and immediate action is required to cool down the Chow down. the simplest methodology is to square or sits the Chow in an excessive amount of cold (not icy) water with a chilly, wet towel on his head, till its body temperature drops. conjointly obtain imperative veterinary attention.

Your physician is there to assist if you think that your Chow has any serious issues, but careful checking of the dog often can often stop pricey visits to the vet as such a big amount of things will be prevented before they become serious.

12. insurance
Pet insurance is suggested however research as policies vary – some have high excesses, exclude preventative treatments like worming, vaccination, neutering, physiological state connected, have limits per upset or limits each year and don't cowl dogs over seven years old.

13. Leads
 instrumentation ETC. Your puppy would require a lead and a rolled animal skin collar in order that the fur spherical puppy’s neck doesn’t get broken. confirm it's tight enough in order that he doesn’t slip out once pull. He will like a food bowl, a water bowl, a pin brush, and a metal comb. The puppy will appreciate a soft toy for within the house and an oversized rubber toy for outdoor.

14. Sleeping
Whilst your puppy is growing he can like plenty of sleep. Puppy ought to have his own resting place with a blanket and youngsters should be told to not disturb puppy once he's resting in his bed.
Chows relish being outside throughout the day however it's vital that they need a shaded place to retire to sleep.

15. HOUSE 
coaching One of the cleanest of all breeds, the Chow is straightforward to house-train. they need several mannerisms of the cat and can usually clean their own feet etc. Chow puppies are terribly clean and ejection the occasional accident is usually housebroken by eight weeks. Puppy ought to be placed into the garden whenever he wakes up and once every meal. If the newspaper is placed close to whichever door he uses to travel into the garden, the puppy can use this at midnight.

Patience is required to coach a Chow however the fundamentals are often tutored Associate in Nursing a well-behaved dog is such a lot easier to measure with than an unruly huge dog you can not rely on. A Chow puppy is extremely lovely however coaching should begin from the day you're taking him home, and infrequently needs many firmnesses.

It’s ne'er too late to coach your Chow, however, if he learns unhealthy habits then you are trying to vary him, it's double the maximum amount work for you. Re-training is often achieved with Associate in Nursing older Chow however it's a far slower method and a few habits are extraordinarily tough to interrupt. With the exception of housetraining, Chows aren't the simplest breed to coach as they're terribly freelance. Adult males, particularly, are terribly strong; thus it's essential to coach your Chow to not pull on the lead while he is still sufficiently small to manage. though Chows learn fairly simply, they appear to mention ‘what’s in it for me’ before they'll fit your requests. as a result, as shortly as you get your puppy he ought to be tutored basic items like standing on a table to be brushed and being led around the garden together with his collar and lead on. as shortly as his inoculations are complete, native coaching categories are ideal as a puppy will then meet alternative dogs and other people and be liberal at the identical time as learning to behave.

if your chow is especially boisterous you'll realize alternative kinds of coaching, e.g. dance to music or basic legerity offers the chow associate in Nursing interest and helps to expend its excess energy. If reaching to show your chow discuss this along with your stock farmer and attend ringcraft categories. If there are solely obedience categories in your space enlighten the tutor that you simply don't need your chow to sit down whenever you stop, as he must change the show ring.

22. still interested in a chow?
It is good to find a reputable breeder who gives you advice and guidance in your puppy Chow and not to the vending or puppy farmer.
Because you ask in "puppy farmers" who tend to have many breeds and are only interested in money only. They have no interest in where their puppies go or helping the new Puppy is accompanied by physical or behavioral problems. Club secretaries are often aware of litters due to responsible breeders and can point you in the direction of reputable breeders in your area.

 The Kennel Club has recently set up the assured breeder scheme. many excellent educators are not all members but in the long run, educators will help guide potential owners of their dog's puppies hand well as born. Be aware of purchasing puppies that are unregistered with the UK Kennel Club and those imported into the UK who are also, non-UK KC registered. You may think it is of little interest to have a KC registered pup if you do not wish to show or breed and only want a pet but it is: you will be able to trace the parentage and health history.
Chow puppies are in short supply and you may have to wait sometime but He will patiently deserve it!

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