how to choose your future puppy and how choose your breeder

how to choose your future puppy 

how to choose your future puppy and how choose your breeder

you are firmly determined to acquire your first shar-pei puppy having considered that this is the best way to get your puppy. a race that would suit you, you already imagine yourself pawing it, cuddling it and having probably started to think about his name... it's a wonderful time to prepare for the arrival of this new companion but be careful that this magic does not happen doesn't turn into a nightmare.

now that your decision is made, you will have to find your little treasure and it is up to this
the moment when the research journey begins and the multiple questions will arise:
How to choose your future puppy? How and by what means to find your breeder? What are the most important criteria you are looking for? which ones you should not neglect? and above all
what are the pitfalls, you should avoid..... We will try to shed light on this a very important chapter which is the first step in your relationship with your shar-pei.....

How and how to find his future puppy?
Like many future owners, the first reflex you will have is to turn on your computer and go surfing the net to do your research... you will go from site to site in site....visit one, then a second then 10 and then you will be slightly lost in this a great landscape that is the breeding... you will naturally be curious and tempted to go and see also what that it's happening in the right place And then stop it's at that moment that you have to ask yourself the good questions and know what you're looking for.

all shar-pei puppies are adorable and crunchy at a young age and it is true that it is very difficult to resist in front of a ball of folds whose photo will have made you crack.. unfortunately, the photos can be extremely misleading, used as advertising but not as a means of communication.

not always in tune with you also say that not all are raised from the same and that some basic precautions have not been taken. you have several specialized sites, the most appropriate and most consulted of which is the puppies site, which lists all the breeders with available puppies, owning a cattery and a site that you can consult by having access to information such as the parents of these puppies but also the work that the breeder has provided, such as his priorities in terms of selection.

Once you have consulted the majority of the sites, you will have to make choices... some will attract you more than others for reasons that are personal to you and you will only remember a few because they will fit you.

the first step is necessary and it is at this point that you must get in touch with the breeder you have selected. ask him the right questions, avoiding starting with the price question....many breeders passionate people work hard and spend a lot of their time turning their passion into a profession.

you will then see very often that the selling price of the puppy at a respectable breeder is no more expensive than those advertised on the bon coin with much less certainty.. the discussion will take place natural.. ask if possible to come and visit it and see pre-visit is extremely important for both the breeder: because he will want to see to who he has to do and to whom he will entrust his future puppy but also for you future owners, she will allow you to see for yourself the parents and babies (if age allows) and that of the range that will make you fall for it. at the same time, you can also make sure that you have the right the condition of dogs' lives. never forget that good socialization of the puppy is crucial for a good start in life and especially yours...!

What are the pitfalls to avoid?
A shar-pei puppy is neither a carpet nor a piece of furniture, it is a living being endowed with sensitivity so there is a number of precautions that you should consider before acquiring a shar-pei
- Beware of overly attractive ads, very attractive prices and photos of professionals sometimes stolen that don't match the puppy that will be delivered to you.
- Unfortunately, classified ad sites are places where you may encounter most of these problems...

- Beware of overly attractive ads, very attractive prices and photos of professionals sometimes stolen that don't match the puppy that will be delivered to you.
- Unfortunately, classified ad sites are places where you may encounter most of these problems...
- Beware of ads mentioning the term "shar-pei type" the puppies are very often not LOF or crossed... so without pedigrees or guarantees... you will not know anything about their origins, nothing about their parents and nothing about their health even if you are led to believe the opposite. You can nevertheless find the breeders you have already contacted, they can do know their scope through an announcement.

- Check the scope number on the CCS site and verify that this scope corresponds to that of a shar-pei puppy. the true breeder is affiliated with the MSA. The title of his affiliation is:
"breeding other animals" a private individual with a cattery who produces only one litter of of dogs per year must mention in its advertisements a door number that you can check on the website of the CSC. This number is mandatory and certifies that the scope is registered under the LOF at the CSC.

Precautions to be taken in brief:
- never receive or agree to receive your puppy back before the legal deadline of 8 weeks
Make sure on delivery that your puppy has been vaccinated, wormed and identified. This is
mandatory no matter where you buy your puppy (individual or breeder) and he has a certificate of good standing health delivered by a veterinarian.
If you buy your puppy from a breeder, he will give you all the documents except the temporary pedigree that he can give you later for different reasons he will give you:
- His health booklet, a certificate of good health, a certificate of transfer on which everything is noted
including the LOF mention as well as a breeding sheet specific to the breed. He will also give you some precious advice you will need and will accompany you in your first steps with your sharpie.
If you buy your puppy from a private individual who has a breeder's number, he will have to give you the same documents already mentioned...
On the other hand, buy your puppy from a private individual who reproduces his two dogs for the pleasure of rounding up his month-end is not recommended. He has or will have no knowledge of the breed and will not be able to help you, nor to provide you with any papers or guarantees whatsoever..... He will generally not have had the good gestures that must be carried out from an early age (such as eyelid threads if necessary) you leaving you the pleasure of discovering and suffering the deficiencies that he or she has failed to report or that he or she has not been able to report lack of resources...
You now have the main information you need to know for the acquisition of your shar-pei puppy... It's up to you to see and choose what's best and most important for you... a real one shar-pei puppy or a prize?
Note: the price of a puppy registered in the 2-month LOF varies between 1000 and 1500 euros depending on its origin and guarantees. Be careful, a show puppy cannot be sold to you before the minimum age of 4 months, run away from them breeders who have you book a show or breeding puppy at the age of 2 or 3 weeks. It is good it is obvious that a show puppy will have a higher price. Also be careful not to sign a contract which will have little value: you buy your puppy and only you own it. The responsibility for this choice lies with you... think about what you really want.
The shar-pei is not an easy breed to reproduce, the responsible breeders put their knowledge and
their love to reproduce beautiful shar-pei and give the best of themselves to have good puppies
and don't take any risks and don't fall into the hands of the merchants of a dog who only have for passion the money they will be able to get from you... even if your heart beats the chamade on a picture, think twice about it!

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