my dog is expecting puppies

dog expecting puppies

my dog is expecting puppies

The gestation is a natural process in which, in principle, you do not have to intervene.
So observe from a distance that everything is going well.

The gestation process:
The duration of gestation is about 2 months (59 to 72 days). In order to give birth, you can prepare a basket filled with clean cloths or sheets, placed in a quiet place. the bitch only really gains weight in the 3 weeks before giving birth. It is from that moment on, she needs a more energetic diet (kibbles for a puppy for example). A week before birth, there is a rise in milk production. In bitches giving birth for the first time, it only occurs 2 to 3 days before the calving. 24 hours before starting work, a drop in body temperature of 1°C above the usual temperature, provided that the temperature is raised in the morning and evening. It corresponds to a hormonal change.

Signs of farrowing there is a preparatory phase for farrowing. Its duration is variable, generally from 2 to 12 hours, but it may be longer in bitches who give birth for the first time (up to 36 hours).
during this phase, the bitch is worried, agitated and looking for a quiet place to Set up her place. Most of the time, you may stop eating, you can also vomit and breathe the air very quickly. she can isolate herself or on the contrary, seek the company of his masters.

The bitch presents increasingly intense uterine contractions but not visible from on the outside. During this preparatory period, it is necessary to leave the bitch alone, all the while disruption, any modification of its environment (a transport for example), any stress, that may delay or prevent farrowing. The bitch must, therefore, remain calm.
The procedure for farrowing the first visible abdominal contractions occurs intermittently.

The duration of farrowing for the entire litter is generally less than 12 hours but it can sometimes last 36 hours for bitches who give birth for the first time. The duration of a puppy's expulsion varies from a few minutes to 1h30. In general, it is the expulsion of the first puppy that is the longest.

Puppies are sometimes born wrapped in the amniotic sac or it can rupture. spontaneously during the expulsion. The bitch tears the amniotic envelope surrounding the puppy within 
30 seconds to 2 minutes after birth. within 15 minutes of the birth of each puppy, the placenta is expelled. The bitch eats the placenta: it contains a hormone that promotes lactation. Enter 2 births, there is an average delay of 10 to 60 minutes (rest phase of the uterus). This must not exceed 4 hours. if the mother abandons her puppies at first, remove their placental envelope with a clean cloth.

The presentation of the puppy the previous (in most cases) and subsequent submissions are all both normal. however, expulsion during the prior presentation is faster, as the puppy's head facilitates dilation of the cervix and better stimulates contractions. after farrowing, the bitch immediately licks the newborn, stimulating breathing, and cuts him off.

umbilical cord with its teeth. you can rub the puppies with a towel if the bitch doesn't take care of it immediately. immediately after birth, the blind puppy and deaf are oriented towards the udders thanks to his sense of touch. you can help them at the end giving birth to a baby to orientate herself towards the udders if they have difficulties. Once the calving is complete the bitch is resting. you can give him something to drink.

Most females have losses between 24 hours and 1 week after giving birth. Change the linens regularly. some bitches refuse to leave their puppies for the first few days. Therefore, place his bowls containing water and food near the basket.

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