Pharaoh Hound rarest old breeds of dogs in the world.

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Pharaoh Hound

One of the earliest and old breeds of dogs in the world, the Pharaoh hound, or an Egyptian pharaoh dog, will be deflected for the first time in Bourgas. Seven representatives of the breed are expected to arrive in the seaside.
Bourgas will host the 5th Specialized Exhibition of Dogs from the 5th Birthday Class Primitive Class of SAC. It is organized by the Bulgarian Kennel Club "Faraon Dog" and Burgas Municipality under the auspices of the Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology.
After Plovdiv, Varna and Stara Zagora on July 8 at 19.00 in Burgas, the respected international judge Katia Stefanova will begin to evaluate the animals presented in the ring. The Pharaoh Fence will be located in the area next to the Horse Base and the Sand Figures Festival in Lake Park.

Traditionally, the Bulgarian club of one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world holds its exhibitions in museum lapidaries or in the remains of antiquity to highlight the ancient origins. The hosts of the previous editions wwere the
Archaeological Center of Plovdiv, the English Court of the Archaeological Museum in Varna, the ruins of Augusta Trayana in the center of Stara Zagora. Pharaonic dogs existed in 3000 BC, and pharaonic dog images It was found in Egyptian Pharaonic tombs. Legends tell that Pharaoh's dog is an incarnation of the god Anubis on the ground. In the history of mankind, the Pharaoh's hound has glorified with its extraordinary beauty and elegance. Visitors will be able to see in the ring and two other rare breeds from the Primitives Section of the International Classification of Cynology.
At the exhibition, children-dog guides will demonstrate their mastery and the best
performers will receive awards. The exhibition, which is part of the Sand Bands Festival of Bourgas Municipality, will also include representatives of the only breed in the world of non-relaxing Basket dogs. It is expected to have representatives of the Israeli breed - the Canaan Dog. Daria Hulka of Burgas is one of the few owners of the Pharaoh's hound in Bulgaria. Their number in the whole the country is slightly above 10, and in Burgas - 1. Daria Hulka as the owner of a rare breed dog is a co-organizer of the event in the seaside.
General look: General Appearance is one amongst grace, power, and speed. The Pharaoh Hound is medium sized, of noble bearing with onerous clean-cut lines-graceful, well balanced, very fast with free straightforward movement and alert expression.
The following description is that of the best Pharaoh Hound. Any deviation from the below
the described dog should be fined to the extent of the deviation.
Size, Proportion, Substance: Height - Dogs twenty-three to twenty-five inches. Bitches twenty-one to twenty-four inches. All-over
balance should be maintained. The length of the body from the beginning of the breast to the bones is slightly longer than the height of withers to ground Lithe.
Head: Alert expression. Eyes amber colored, mixing with the coat; oval, moderately deep set with a keen intelligent expression. Ears medium-high set carried erect once alert, however terribly mobile, broad at the bottom, fine and huge. Skull long, lean and well-defined. solely slight stop. Foreface slightly longer than the os. high of the os parallel with the fore face representing a blunt wedge. Nose flesh-colored, mixing with the coat. No different color. Powerful jaws with robust teeth. Scissors bite.
Neck, Topline, Body: Neck long, lean and muscular with a small arch to hold the pinnacle on high. Clean throat line. virtually straight topline. Slight slope from croup to the root of the tail. Body is lithe. Deep cut virtually right down to the purpose of the elbow. Ribs well sprung. Moderate tuck-up. Tail medium set - fairly thick at the bottom and tapering whip-like, reaching below the purpose of hock in repose. Well carried and falciform once in action. The tail mustn't be tucked between the legs. A screw the tail could be a fault. Forequarters: Shoulders long and sloping and well set back. robust while not being loaded.
Elbows well tucked in. Forelegs straight and parallel. Pasterns are robust. Dewclaws are also
removed. Feet neither cat nor hare however robust, well knuckled and firm, turning neither in nor out. Paws well soft.

Hindquarters: robust and muscular. Limbs parallel. The moderate sweep of stifle. Well developed
second thigh. Dewclaws are also removed. Feet as ahead.

Coat: Short and shiny, starting from fine and shut to slightly harsh with no rotary motion.
Accident blemishes mustn't be thought of as faults.
Color: starting from tan/rich, tan/chestnut with white markings allowed as follows: White tip on
tail powerfully desired. White on chest (called "the Star"). White on toes and slim white snip on
the center line of face permissible. Flecking or different white undesirable, apart from any solid white spot on the rear of the neck, shoulder, or any a part of the rear or sides of the dog, which is a
Gait: Free and flowing; the pinnacle ought to be control fairly high and therefore the dog should cowl the bottom well with none apparent effort. The legs and feet ought to move in line with the body, and the tendency to throw the feet sideways or a high stepping "hackney" action could be a definite fault.

Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, fond and teasing. Alert and active. in no time with a
marked keenness for looking, each by sight and scent.

Disqualification: Any solid white spot on the rear of the neck, shoulder, or any a part of the rear or sides of the dog.

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