Prairie Dogs

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Prairie Dogs

If you go to Canada you may see little tunnels. Then you see a little sandy color head and you may think it is a rabbit. You are wrong; it is a prairie dog.
Where you can find prairie dogs? 

You can normally find them in southwest Canada, but you can also find them in northern Mexico. You will normally find them in little holes in the ground which has many different parts in it. It is pretty much just a cut out tunnel which has little rooms attached to it. Also, their holes are on little hills.

How many species are there?
There are about 5 that we know of.
The five types of prairie dogs names are the Black-tailed prairie dog, white-tailed prairie dog, Gunnison’s prairie dog, Utah prairie dog, and the
Mexican prairie dog.
What’s the life of a prairie dog is like? Normally they live up until 8 to 12 years old. All newborns start their life in the tunnels. The reason they start their life in a tunnel is that they’re too weak to walk and their eyes aren’t even open yet. But
when they are old enough they can come out and play. What they do when they play is pretty much just tumble around on the ground and
wrestle with their siblings. Their family can get up to sometimes 20 prairie dogs in it. The reason it can get that big is because of all the litters
they have in a group.
What do you know about prairie dog litters? Well the litters can get up to 4 to 6 prairie dogs in them. They are born in winter and all through that time they are only about 2 pounds to 3 pounds. Actually at birth there only like .5 pound or 1
pound. They only gain a little bit of weight during their time in the den.

When it becomes spring that is when they take their first steps outside, and when they get to move around and play.

What do prairie dogs eat? They just eat grass, leaves, roots, all different plants, and they eat seeds of plants. They are vegetarians because they only eat greens. That is all they really eat in their lives. Even now that doesn’t seem like a lot of different varieties of food. It is enough for them.

Who are the Prairie dog’s enemies? The animals that will kill them are the hawk, golden eagles, bobcat, and the ferret. So what they do to try not to be seen they just stand still, but sometimes it doesn’t work and they get caught. It is all the circle of life.
What they do during the seasons. Through the whole summer, they get to stay outside and play around and fatten up for the winter. When Fall starts they go into their burrows and start hibernation, and they pretty much just sleep.

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