Puppy custody procedure

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Puppy custody procedure

The care of a puppy requires the establishment of a particular environment appropriate to its physiological condition and behavioral. Until 18 weeks of age, when the vaccination protocol will have been completed and If the time required for it to be fully functional has elapsed, the puppy is more vulnerable than the adult dog.
Therefore, when possible, it should be kept in a dedicated room.

1) The procedure for keeping the puppy is the same as that of the adult dog, except that :
- the maintenance and care of the puppy is done first;
- exit* and rest periods are more frequent;
- the meal schedule is adapted to that of the house (2, 3 or 4 times a day);
- the puppy's exit periods are carried out under constant supervision.

2) The outing periods are an opportunity for the puppy to relieve and stretch. The grouping of
puppies is according to their behavior, age group, behavior adult dogs selected.

3) A period of socialization with the human being is necessary so that the experience in boarding school or daycare is positive:
- throwing the ball;
- a leash walk;
- play time or special attention with the guard or guard staff;
- basic handling or grooming;
- any other positive activity.

4) The puppy's stay in boarding school or daycare should contribute to his learning. Thus, the periods of outing could include periods of familiarization with the environment and socialization with
foreigners and with other dogs. These periods of socialization are very important for the development of the puppy and should include activities to promote this development and prevent less positive experiences or bad.

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