top 10 breeds of dogs that do not fear the cold

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siberian husky

top 10 breeds of dogs that do not fear the cold

when some dogs need a coat when the temperature drops below 10°C, others are still too hot. indeed, some breeds are less sensitive to the cold, often due to a dense coat that protects them from the elements.

1. The siberian husky
Not surprisingly, the Siberian Husky, the ultimate sled dog, is at the top of this ranking. From the Far North, this affectionate but strong-personalized dog likes to sleep in a hole dug in the snow. It's quite simple if it's over 0°C, it's too hot!

2. The alaskan malamute
more imposing than the husky, the malamute also has a thick, woolly coat that makes it almost insensitive to the cold. very affectionate and sociable, he is an excellent companion dog and an incredible working dog.

3. The samoyed
when you see the incredible fur of samoyed, you have no doubt about its effectiveness against the cold. Pure snow white, this dog has not only a fascinating physique but also a joyful and friendly personality that makes him very endearing.

4. The bernese mountain dog
This mountain dog par excellence, this herding dog is a real block of muscles. cold is not a problem for him. with a particularly affectionate temperament, the bernese mountain dog likes to be stuck to his masters.

5. newfoundland
excellent swimmer, the newfoundland has long been used as a sea rescue dog because it has a waterproof coat. this big, teddy bear-looking dog loves people and lets them know it. and if he also falls into a family with children, he will be the happiest dog.

6. The saint bernard
The Saint-Bernard is a dog with exceptional flair. Thanks to the latter and his keen knowledge of the mountain, he has long served in the search for avalanche victims. Gentle and kind to everyone, however, Saint Bernard can be suspicious if a stranger comes too close to his family.

7. akita inu
Under its large plush appearance, this highly intelligent dog has a strong character. Patient and gentle with children, he is also very affectionate towards his masters. In Japan, it is a symbol of loyalty, especially following the moving story of the dog Hachiko.

8. The spitz wolf
very dynamic and sporty, the spitz loup, also called keeshond, is also very resistant to the cold. this dog, which looks like a wolf, likes to play and caress but does not hesitate to give the alert if a stranger approaches too close to his territory.

9. The tibetan dogo
This lion-furred beast is above all a working dog used by shepherds to protect herds. Very independent, the tibetan mastiff, which is one of the largest dogs in the world, has a fiery temperament that must be channeled.

10. The pyrenean mountain dog
more commonly known as patou, the pyrenean mountain dog was once in charge of defending its herd against predators. thus, this dog is quite capable of driving away a lynx, a wolf or even a bear. a mountain of muscles with a dominant temperament, sometimes even aggressive, but of infinite patience with children.

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