what are the different kinds of dog breeds that exist

different dog breeds
different kinds of dog breeds

what are the different kinds of dog breeds that exist

there are large dogs, small dogs, long dogs, long dogs, short dogs, hairy dogs and even dogs that have no hair? There are dogs with big ears, small ears, big nose, small nose, long legs, short legs, long tail and no tail at all.
why are there so many kinds of dogs? The reason is that there are many dog breeds. Races are the kinds of dogs that are kept separate from other
breeds during the mating time. if you each breed of dog mates with its own kind, the puppies will also be this same kind of dog. These dogs are like
pure breeds, which means that since its parents are the same, they will also be the same race. a male and a female bulldog will have puppies who are bulldogs. Others dogs are called crossbreeds. these are a mixture of two or more kinds of dogs. Crossbreeds are often called corny dogs.

How did it happen that there are different
kinds of dogs? In the past, there were no dogs there were only wolves. some people have become friends with wolves and started feeding them.
in exchange, the wolves helped people by protecting them and helping them hunt.

overtime, some people have noticed that some wolves were better than other runners.
other wolves were the best hunters and others
were digging well. some people wanted a wolf who was even better at one of these tasks. So they started leaving good runners only mate with
good runners. and they left those who digging well together to mate. For thousands of years, the wolves that have been kept as pets have
changed into breeds of dogs that we know today. Of course, wolves wild have remained wild, and they have remained wild even today.

according to the American-Kennel-Club, there are seven dog classes, and each one contains
several races. Let us learn from these classes and
some of its members.

- Sports dogs:
sports dogs have been bred to help the hunters. some sports dogs help the hunter to find the game-animal that is hunted. other sports dogs find the game once shot and bring it back to the hunter.
the point is a sports dog that has been raised to see and point a game. a pointer freezes in place with a front leg up and pointing with his nose.

The labrador retriever, or labrador, is a popular sports dog that is also a good family dog. It was the first time breed of dog to bring back birds that fell into a pond or lake after to have been shot. Labradors have legs to help them swim well. Their waterproof coat keeps them warm in cold water. they have powerful jaws.to transport heavy birds.

- hounds and greyhounds:
The work of hounds and greyhounds is to hunt the game that's on the ground. Greyhounds use their eyes to hunt game. hounds use their nose to follow the smell of game. these dogs can bark to let the hunter know that they have caught the game or they can kill the game themselves. irish greyhound is one of the most popular dogs in the world.

great in the world. it can be 0.9 meters from
high in the shoulders. He was bred to hunt and kill the wolves. His long strong legs make him a quick hunter. The best hound is St-Hubert. He has soft skin on his face and long drooping ears. These two things help to stir up the smells so that the st-hubert can easily find the game. the st-hubert is also good to find of the lost people.

- working dogs:

Working dogs are intelligent and strong.
They do tasks such as monitoring, protecting,
rescue and pull sleds and carts. the Newfoundland is a large, robust dog. His thick waterproof coat keeps him safe hot. In the past, Newfoundlanders were used for pulling boats and fishing nets heavy through the water. Today, they are used in europe to rescue people that are drowning. the samoyed comes from the most important parts of asia cold. the samoyeds were first of all used to monitor and conduct reindeer in a herd. Today they are working like sled dogs. their coat waterproof is very thick to hold on to hot. their stocky shape helps to keep the body heat inside.

- the shepherds:
shepherds are fast and intelligent. They have
been bred to control other animals, like sheep or cattle. the shepherds control the animals by barking, watching or giving small strokes of teeth. shepherds are easily trained.
they are self-employed and enthusiastic.
the corgi welsh is a fast and strong dog with legs short. It was first raised to lead the cattle. Because it is short, it can go under the cows and give birth to little ones to their ankles. he is able to move quickly so as not to receive hoof blows. The collie became famous in babe, a film of a pig that led the sheep. babe has learned this task from a collie. the colleys have been raised to lead sheep and cattle, and they still do this work today. they are athletic dogs that can run very quickly. they are good at making the sheep and cattle.

- The burrows:
burrows are usually small or mean in size. Most of the burrows were bred to find and kill animals
ferocious pests like rats, otters, foxes, and badgers. they must be very brave to hunt these ferocious animals. like domestic animals, burrows can be stubborn and difficult to train. the Airedale terrier is the largest terrier. he was originally bred to kill badgers, weasels, and otters. it is a natural guard dog and has already been used as a police dog.
the jack russell terrier has become very popular because there's one on Frasier, an american television show. despite this, this dog is not a good choice for everyone. he needs a lot of help. of exercise and activity every day. Otherwise,
it can be difficult and destructive.

-Miniature dogs or "Toys":
Miniature dogs were bred for their small size. Some miniature races originally had tasks to hunt
or kill pests. Most of them miniature dogs were originally raised to keep people company.
The butterfly spaniel is a small dog intelligent and friendly with big ears. this dog's ears look like wings the chinese crested dog is bald except for tufts of hair on his head and feet. he has dark grey skin with spots pink. he needs sunscreen in the summer. in winter, he needs to wear a coat to keep warm.

Non-sporting or companion dogs:

This group of dogs includes several races that do not belong to other groups. These races no longer do the tasks for which they were originally high. Their task now is above all to be companions to people. The Shar-Peï is a dog that looks strange. His skin is folded and soft, and his mouth is of the same shape as the mouth of a hippopotamus. The Shar-Peï was originally raised as a battle and guard dog. His soft skin gave him the opportunity to escape from another animal if he catches it.
dalmatian puppies were born completely white. their tasks develop in the first few weeks of life. the dalmatians were trained to trot beside a carriage pulled by a horse. If the farm animals
were in the way, the dalmatian was moving them. he also protected the horse's wild dogs. The dalmatian must have been very hard so that he can trot for several kilometers.

- How to choose a dog:
pure-bred dogs can have health difficulties. a large number of people think that crossbreeds have better health. the crossbreeds all have different sizes and colors. they have often a personality full of vitality. bringing a dog into your family
is a big decision. It is very important to keep a dog healthy with regular visits to the veterinarian. It is also about very important to train the dog to have good behavior.

you now no longer know why there are so many different kinds of dogs. it is true that dogs exist in all kinds of shapes and sizes. they also have several kinds of personalities. if you are looking for a dog, make sure you choose one that will
adapt well to your family. a dog can be a good friend for many years.

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