Why do dogs sleep so much?

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Why do dogs sleep so much

Unless you read this article in the middle of a daily walk or when it's time for a good snack for your pet, chances are your dog is currently sleeping.
Now you say "Again?!" and your reaction is perfectly legitimate. Because according to the American Kennel Club, your dog sleeps on average between 12 and 14 hours a day. If we break down his overloaded agenda, it turns out that he spends half his day dozing, one-third awake but rather passive, and only the remaining 20% actually inactivity.
Why the hell did you sleep so much? Quite simply, because according to several factors, your dog has a greater or lesser need for a nap.

Multiple factors
First of all, it all depends on age. Like our own babies, young puppies have a greater need for sleep, on average between 18 and 20 hours a day (according to the American Sleep Foundation). Conversely, older dogs also sleep a lot because they tire faster and have less energy. Their state of health is of course decisive.

The race must also be taken into account. Larger animals often need more sleep than their little friends, but the education you give them is also essential. If you exercise it every day with intense physical activity and educate it for a very specific purpose (for example truffle hunting, contests,...), then its body will become more active and dynamic. On the other hand, if your dog is your daily sofa companion, chances are he will lead a less hectic life dozing off. Wisdom says: "Be the master, such a dog."

Finally, be aware that the changes your baby is facing also have an impact on their need for sleep. Just like us, dogs can be very affected by major life changes, such as a move, bereavement, shock... In these cases, sleeping more is a way for them to regain their energy, stabilize their emotions and morale.
A piece of advice then? Do not disturb your dog while he is resting. If he sleeps all day, it is also to relax better. And to find you better.

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