Are Dogs Colorblind?

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Are Dogs Colorblind?

Purpose: To determine if dogs are colorblind.
Hypothesis: Dogs are ready to see a minimum of some reminder color.
1. Take black Associate in Nursing white photos of an assortment of colored paper to work out that colors appear to possess similar and dissimilar degrees of brightness and shade.

2. cowl 2 jars with completely different colored paper that shares an identical shade once photographed with black and white film. cowl the third jar with another color whose photograph shade is clearly different from the opposite 2 jars.

3. The dog is trained to travel to 1 of the similar shaded jars from the otherwise shaded jar. When the dog chooses the proper jar to reward it with a treat.

4. Replace the variously shaded jar with the similar shaded jar. The dog wants sight to tell apart between the two jars since, with complete color blindness, the two colors would appear to be the same shade.

5. Change the tractor positions and test the dog 25 times each time. If the dog is correct, reward him with a treat. Chart the number of correct and incorrect responses.
Materials: Colored construction paper, Camera, 3 glass jars, 2 dogs any breed, sex, or age, dog treats

Select the yellow and purple color as similar colors in the black and white images to test the colors of the dog blindness. The dogs chose the correct yellow jar in 72% of the trials.

In the first part of my experiment, I trained Max and Sam to recognize the yellow jar as a treat jar. The next step in my experiment tested if Max and Sam could pick the yellow jar from the red jar. In the first, The correct yellow jug was selected 52% of the time, while the choice of the correct yellow jar was 84% trials. Sam was retested several days later and chose the yellow jar correctly 76% of the trials.
The second half of my experiment tested if Max and Sam could distinguish between a yellow jar and a violet jar.
Both yellow and violet showed similar shades in black and white images so that dogs could choose the right yellow jar 72% of the experiments.
This data supports my hypothesis that dogs can see some shades of color.

Summary Statement:
I wanted to determine if dogs are in fact completely colorblind, as many people including many veterinarians believe.

Help Received:
Mother helped take pictures and record data. I leave one dog occupied while the other dog is being tested.

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