Discover the activity of fire dogs

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Discover the activity of fire dogs

- Make a visual presentation of the dogs used by the brigades dog lovers. These dogs belong mainly to 6 breeds.
The Malinois
The German Shepherd
The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren
The Border Collie
Le Berger de Beauce or Beauceron
Stick to the table of images of these dogs with their names and specify that it is these 6 breeds of dogs that are used in France by the fire brigade.

Ask students to explore the animal before training.
Answers: they are tall, they have a long snout
- In parallel, ask students to list what is being asked of firedogs:
Have a good sense of smell running for a long time be resilient being obedient not to be aggressive being dedicated to your master

Classify into two categories:
1. Physical characteristics
- have a good sense of smell
- run for a long time
- be resilient
2. The other characteristics
- be obedient
- not be aggressive
- be dedicated to his master
Try to find the reason for the physical commonalities found on the photos given the missions listed.

CONCLUSION: Firefighters' dogs must have a
high resistance, running and working long, that's why they are all great.
Dogs must also have a very good sense of smell and the longer their the muzzle is large, the more developed their sense of smell is.

Among the list below, which dogs could not fill
the mission of a firedog?
Pyrenean Patou
Answers: Dachshund, Pekingese, and Chihuahua are too small and too tiring. The Patou des Pyrénées (the Belle breed) could be chosen, it's a good answer. If he is not, it is because it is a race that obeys less than those chosen today by the fire department. Obviously, Belle is an exception because he's a dog out of the ordinary of the common!

Ask children to circle, according to them, the missions that the firedogs.
1. To find a missing person.
2. Extinguish a fire.
3. Looking for a person under the rubble, after a tremor of the earth.
4. Going into a burning house to look for a person.
5. Look for a person buried under the snow.
Answers: Proposals 2 and 4 are wrong.

Obviously, dogs don't put out fires but they won't either. to look for people in the middle of the fire. The dogs are bred with very high instruction
clear: they must not leave the victim they found. So, if a dog came in a burning house and found a person in the house, he would stay nearby of her. This situation would put the dog in great danger because he would remain in the middle of
the fire. His mission is to bark until his master arrives. However, the master does can't always get in the middle of the flames. In addition, the dog cannot wear a victim on his back. That is why there is no fire dog. The rescue of the fire victims is done only by the fire brigade.
Proposals 1, 3 and 5 are true.

Dogs are trained to help firefighters find people
Following a collapse.
Following explosions with the destruction of homes.
Following an earthquake.
Following landslides, mudslides, natural disasters.
Following an avalanche.
Dogs are trained to help firefighters find people
Accident with the uncertainty of the number of victims. missing elderly person. Lost child.


In dogs, tracking is the action that consists of
to find and follow a series of olfactory traces
on the ground (the runway) by order of a person who follows the progress of the dog (the handler). In order for a dog tracks a smell, it must have a smell of reference. For example, we make the dog feel a scarf that belonged to a person. 
We then brings the dog to the last place where no one was seen. The dog follows that smell. Hemust be tracked within a maximum of six hours
after the person's disappearance so that the odors are still present. Time can, unfortunately, being an enemy for tracking. If it is too hot or there is a fire, the smell evaporates too quickly. If it rains, the water washes away the traces olfactory.

-Look below at the video that allows you to
understand how Belle followed Angelina's trail.
In the movie, Belle is really a dog extraordinary. Despite the fire, she acknowledges Angelina's smell near the burning house and is following his lead. In reality, the mission would be too much difficulty for a fire dog and his master would not let him go into the fire.

In this type of mission, the dog is trained to
recognize the human smell. He's not looking for
a particular person, it looks for a human in the place he's exploring. Unlike when tracking, there is no reference smell. By for example, in a wood, at night, the dog will look for a lost child. But he may as well find a hunter, a camper, then the child he's looking for.
The fire brigade divides (grids) the area of research in several sectors and dogs are looking for a human presence in their area.
NOTE: the dog never looks with his eyes but only with his sense of smell. He can move on to a few meters from the person without noticing him/her if the wind pushes the human smell into the bad sense. 

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