dogs make better pets than cats do

why are dogs better than cats
dogs make better pets than cats do

dogs make better pets than cats do

do you think dogs make better pets than cats do? Well if you think that, I'm on your side! I honestly think dogs make better pets than cats do. Let's start this argument by viewing my opinions and statements.
First of all, dogs are way more energetic than cats because dogs always run around, play fetch, and they even like to swim! you're probably thinking that cats run around to, and I agree with what your thinking but cats don't play fetch, and they don't swim. all cats really do is lay down and just lick themselves. the reason I think cats aren't fun to be around is that I have a dog and he is so fun to be around and when I'm around cats, all I see them do is lay down.

I know some people love cats because their calmer than dogs and some cats can be sweet. Maybe if you train your cat your cat can play fetch with you and run around like dogs do. a lot of people also like cats because they do their business is a litter box, not scattered in different places. having a litter box makes an easier clean up for the cat owners.

another reason why I'm not a cat lover is that a lot of my friends have cats and they can be very mean. I have been bitten by a cat, scratched by a cat, and even hissed by a cat! I know some dogs can be aggressive like cats are, but cats just seem a little more frisky. now if you're driving down my road thinking that dogs are sweeter than cats, obviously I agree with you. Here are some of the reasons why I think dogs are friendlier than cats.

Well, first of all, I know dogs bite, and they scratch. But they don't hiss! dogs also are not frisky. now another reason why I think dogs are sweeter is that they love to cuddle and they love when you scratch their tummy's! I realized that cats don't like to be touched and I know this from my experiences because whenever I would pet my friend Lauren's cat, she would never like it. She would always run away or bite, hiss, and scratch at me.

I have a dog and we do lots of things with him. we go swimming with him, rollerblading with him, and even running with him. we create so many memories with him and I don't think I would be able to make these amazing memories with
a cat because they 
can't do so much. now take a moment to think. do you think dogs make better pets than cats do?

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