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dogs wolves and men

According to the detailed comparisons wolf genetic material and of today's dogs with the one many old fossils from the thousand years, the dog would only come down not directly from the wolf in its form as has long been assumed. The wolf and the dog have ancestors which in all likelihood began to develop differently about 19,000 to 32,000 years ago years. Any dog, of any breed, therefore shows behavior similar to that of wolves. dogs and wolves are so close that they can even do the object of crossbreeding. However, this is prohibited in Switzerland.

Another controversial point was also made could be clarified through comparative analyses of genes and fossils: the first dogs came from Europe, not from the United States.
from Asia or Africa as assumed before. In addition, they have probably not been tamed, i.e.
transformed into domestic animals, by the first farmers. These are the following rather hunters and gatherers who would have shared their daily lives with young dogs still wild. This was advantageous for both man and woman for the animal: wild dogs remained close to humans in order to eat leftovers of meals and big game, while humans took advantage of the proximity of the dog because the dog barked at the approach of large predators, bears or cave wolves by example.

The fact is that the conditions were good for man and dog are meeting. Both are beings social. It was therefore easy for the ancestors of the dog to integrate into a "human pack". Over the millennia, the dog has adapted extraordinarily well to humans. We know that the dog perceives the slightest mood changes in the human beings with whom he lives, and surprisingly good command of language human: according to recent studies, a dog can understand up to 200 words! However, the fact that man and dog get along well does not mean, far from it they have to be the same. Quite the contrary! For dog owners, it is interesting to deepen their knowledge of the canine world, with all its particularities.

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