Educate dogs, take classes

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Educate dogs, take classes

Dogs live in perfect harmony with men. But
to achieve this, the holders of dogs must know what they are must be taken into account. All the dogs, from small pet dogs to dogs on duty, may endanger or scare people or animals.

It is the duty of the holders to avoid it.

If a dog obeys the voice correctly and with a wave of his hand, he can run without leaves, without danger to others. Reassure him while teaching him to behave appropriately in different ways situations. Take an education course canine is particularly useful for new dog owners or after the acquisition of another type of dog. In some cantons, it is mandatory to take courses to hold certain breeds.
Among the many course offerings, we can mention finds classes for puppies, puppy classes, and training provided by dog associations for dogs intended for sports competitions, training courses, etc. training for intervention dogs and hunting, agility classes and well others still others. Education courses teach the basics of training for
dogs. Through practical exercises, keepers learn to make themselves understood by their dogs and to train them through the reward when he behaves in a way that in the desired way. In the end, it is a question of to systematically put into practice
the lessons learned on a daily basis and, if necessary, to follow training sessions complementary until man and the animal form a well-functioning team.


When dogs engage in unwanted behaviours such as hunting, fighting or barking persistently, corrective measures are required that must be adapted to the situation. In particular, it is necessary to take into account the age of the dog and its past experience with people and organizations animals. Excessive hardness such as
hitting with hard objects, hitting with hard objects
of fire, needle collars, necklaces, necklaces
throttle valves without a stop loop are prohibited, as well as the use of devices that emit audible signals very unpleasant for the dog or who act with the help of chemical substances.
In general, it is not permitted to use auxiliary equipment that cause injuries, pain and suffering
important or of severe irritations at the animal, or put it in a condition of anxiety. Harnesses and halters must be appropriate for the dog. They must not be used without instructions of a specialist. The use of the of necklaces that send power
electrical is reserved for people authorised persons holding an authorisation cantonal.

Obviously aggressive dogs or hyperanxious can represent a danger to their entourage. It is preferable to ask advice to specialists as soon as possible. Behavioural therapy is not always necessary. It is also possible that the dog may become behaves strangely because of
of unidentified pain. In this case, a veterinary examination with appropriate treatment can transform again such a dog into a balanced companion.

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