french bulldog vs english bulldog

french bulldog
french bulldog

french bulldog vs english bulldog

Bringing a bulldog puppy into your home can be a really momentous occasion for your family. A bulldog is loyal and a great companion for you to enjoy for many years. But before you bring this puppy into your home, it is important to know some basics about the puppy so you can give them the best care possible.

The Difference Between an english and a french
a common question that a lot of people have about the bulldog is

what the difference is between the English Bulldog and the French bulldog?

Here is a brief overview to help show what the major changes are between the two breeds and how you can tell the two apart.

english bulldog:
This bulldog is short, thick, and a really strong dog. Most of them will come in around 50 to 60 pounds, although some of the larger ones can be around 70. Their faces are going to be very flat, but some of the ones that underwent poor breading will have a bit of a muzzle. Most of the english bulldogs are not going to have a full tail and it is going to be short from birth. There are some that will have a bit more of a tail, but this usually will be corkscrew looking. They do come in different colors, but they should never have red noses if they are purebred.

french bulldog:
This is the smaller cousin of the English Bulldog. These ones are usually going to be up to 28 pounds, but most of them will be smaller than this. Some of them are getting bigger because of poor
breeding though. Some of these are going to be about the size of a pug and often they are mistaken for these dogs as well, especially if they had some deficiencies in their early life. These dogs do come in a variety of colors and some do have a small muzzle. Often the best way to distinguish these from the English bulldog is by their smaller size and pointy bat ears.

are english bulldogs unhealthy?
It is a common concern that English bulldogs are pretty unhealthy. While they may be more susceptible to having health issues, it often has to do with the kind of care you provide to them. For example, they are able to overheat easier than many other dog breeds, but keeping them inside when it’s hot and limiting their time in the heat can help to keep them healthy. Going and visiting the vet on a regular basis will ensure that the English bulldog does not get unhealthy. Most of the health concerns that come with the English bulldog is because of improper ownership. Many owners are not ready for the grooming and other health concerns that can come with the English bulldog. This is how a simple problem can quickly get out of hand. If you provide the right kind of care to your English bulldog, they can stay just as healthy any other dog breed.

Why bulldog is a very expensive and expensive price?
Compared to some of the other dogs that you can choose, the bulldog is usually expensive. This is because it costs the breeder more to get the puppies ready to get to your home. For example, bulldogs are not able to give birth naturally; they have to undergo C-sections. This is a costly procedure that requires a vet, rather than just having the puppies at home, and can add to your total cost of getting the puppy. In addition, since the mommy dog had to go through this the procedure, they are likely not capable of feeding the babies for a bit, meaning that the breeder will have to take over this job. This is a lot of time, effort, and formula to keep up with the puppies. Add to this all the costs for raising the puppies, advertising them, and all the vaccines and other necessary vet work in your area, and the costs can add up quickly. Usually, the breeder will have to pay at least $2000 just to have the puppies be born. This is why it can get
 so expensive to purchase the Bulldogs from a breeder.

- The temperament of a Bulldog:
When it comes to the English bulldog, you are going to get a loyal friend for life. These dogs are very friendly and docile and can even do well around young children if you have some around the home. They are often willful and a bit stubborn, but if you get started on the training right away, this usually isn’t much of a problem.
When it comes to the French bulldog, you are going to get a puppy who is really affectionate and playful. These dogs have a lot of energy and like to be social, but they do have the patience to deal with younger children when around. You need to be ready to play a lot and be active often to keep up with this puppy. Now that you know some of the basics that come with the bulldog, it is time to learn some of the specifics of how to keep up with and care for your new furry addition.

Do Bulldogs need to wear special collars?
It is a good idea to purchase a special collar for your bulldog. For both English and French bulldogs, using a harness instead of just the collar that goes around the neck is usually the best option. The collars that go around the neck are not going to be that effective for the bulldog and their large size. They are not going to notice it as much until it becomes so tough that it is causing them physical harm. 

With the harness, you will be able to have better control over your bulldog when walking. This will go over their large chests so you can have better control without having to cause any damage to their necks if they happen to pull on it at all. Make sure that you pick out a collar that is thick enough for your breed. the french bulldog will be good with a smaller harness of 12 to 16 inches but the English bulldog may do better with a little bigger collar as they grow more and more. 

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