How To Train Your Bulldogs Properly?

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Training your bulldog is similar to how you will train any other puppy. If you have brought other puppies into your home in the past, you will be able to employ the same kind of training techniques that you used in the past. For those who have never brought home a puppy before, here are some basic tips that you can use in order to properly train your puppy and get them to be great in your new home:

• Become the alpha dog if you aren’t the alpha dog, the puppy will assume they are, and then you have trouble. Ensure that the puppy listens to you and never gets the run of the house.

• Use positive reinforcement, such as treats, praise, play time, and walks will help your puppy to learn what they are supposed to do with you. It is much more effective than using options like hitting.

• Never hit—hitting a do at any age can lead to aggressive behavior and is not going to get the desired results that you are looking for.

• Have the puppy eat when you do but make sure that you are the first one to eat. Never leave the food on the floor for the puppy to eat whenever they want.

• Walk with the puppy in front or behind you the puppy should never be the one leading on a walk and you should never have a tight leash.

• Start training early you should start out with the training right when you bring the puppy home. The sooner the better to ensure they know who is boss and how they should act.

• Consider crate training crate training allows your puppy to have their own special corner in the home to call their own. Whenever they get scared, they can go to this location. It is also, a great way to keep them in one spot if you have to be gone all day for work.

• Treats are great for trick training offering up treats and a lot of praise when you are teaching your puppy easy commands can make it easier. You will be able to slowly go off the treats and use just the praise after giving a one-word command and your puppy will still obey.

• Develop rules as early as a puppy owner, you can get them to decide on rules. But be sure to set rules early and stick with them. This is to avoid confusion with your puppy ensures that they act the right way you want.

 And although the Bulldog dog is stubborn, it can make it more difficult for you to get it. Listen and do what you want. Often, your puppy will outgrow this kind of behavior, but you should start working on the proper training early on so they learn how to behave before they drive you crazy.

To avoid this hyper puppy behavior, you should make sure that the training of the puppy as soon as you bring them home. If they are hyper just when other guests come over, put the puppy in their cage and then once the people are sitting down and comfortable, slowly bring them out and help them to get comfortable. You should also teach them how to lay down or stay as soon as possible so that they remain calm. Plenty of exercise and play time will help to keep the puppy calm as well. 

- The bulldog could swim?
Bulldogs are not designed to swim. While you can put them in a little bit of wading water and allow them to move around in order to stay cool in hot temperatures, they are not going to be able to swim in bigger pools, lakes, or other bodies of water. Bulldogs will find that it is really awkward to swim and most of them will sink just like rocks. If you do take them to the lake or other larger bodies of water, make sure that you keep a close eye on them because they are not going to be able to save themselves if they get into deep water. The alternative would be to use a dog life vest, which can help the puppy to easily swim.

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