identify and register your dog

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register your dog

identify and register your dog

an electronic chip: 

Before being given to third parties or at most late three months after birth, the dogs must be identified by means of an electronic chip.
The microchip can only be implanted by a

veterinarian practicing in Switzerland, which is responsible for reporting to on this occasion the main data of the dog: name, sex, date of birth,
race or type of race, hair color and contact details of the holder. The veterinarian communicates these elements to the bank of national dog data.
In case of import, it is necessary to have the following checked identification of the dog by a veterinarian within ten days of entry into Swiss territory. The case where applicable, the data relating to the dog will have to be completed and entered on The database ensures a clear identification of the dogs. She facilitates investigations, particularly in cases where of loss or theft.

communicate changes:

When buying a dog, the new owner asks the old owner for written confirmation of the purchase and registers on as the new owner. He must communicate the change in owner within ten days
from the date of purchase.

in the event of a move, the new address must be reported to the bank of data. The death must also be communicated to, within a period of time of ten days. in addition, any purchase of a new dog or
any move must be communicated to the commune of residence because of the dog tax.

Some dogs are born with a tail short. if this is the case, this particularity must be mentioned and
confirmed by the cantonal veterinary service in the animal passport of company: the owner will then be able to go abroad with his dog and to take him back to Switzerland without problems, despite the prohibition to import into Switzerland dogs that have been drained or shortened.

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