merial is a distinguished world of veterinary drugs

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merial is a distinguished world of veterinary drugs

animal health Division of Sanofi, Merial has become one of the seven platforms of the laboratory's growth French. Focused on innovation, the entity operates very independently
while taking advantage of the synergies linked to
its membership in a world leader in health: it is based on an R&D and production capacity own. Reflecting its dynamism, its Lyon head office will take over its quarters in a new building transparent, a few cables away from the current site and in the heart of the Biodistrict of Gerland by 2017.

The emanation of the Biological Institute mérieux, founded in 1897, Merial is officially born in 1997 from the merger the veterinary activities of Rhône-Mérieux (Rhône-Poulenc group) and MSD AgVet (Merck Group & Co, MSD in Europe). His long history in vaccines and veterinary pharmaceutical treatments is inseparable from those of Merck & Co, Rhône-Poulenc and, today, from Sanofi. In addition to a century, it has been marked by many successful launches, such as veterinary anti-parasitic drugs from the Frontline® range and NexGard®.

A balanced portfolio a world leader in the market for pets, Merial figure today in fourth place on the
production animal segment. It relies on double expertise in pharmaceutical products and in (biological) vaccines, too good for dogs, cats, horses than for livestock and poultry. Its products are intended to improve the health and well-being of a great number of animal species (about 70). Merial, therefore, holds a diversified portfolio of products to dogs and cats, with Broadline®,
Heartgard®, Frontline®, NexGard® and
Purevax®, and horses with Recombitek®. In the animal segment of breeding, its products are intended for to treat pigs with Parvoruvax® and Circovac®, ruminants with  Eprinex® and Longrange® or the poultry with Avinew® and Vaxxitek®. The product division 90 billion doses
of avian vaccines per year and 500 million for other species. In addition, Merial's vaccines help to save endangered species. disappearance, such as the Iberian lynx (feline leukemia virus, FeLV), the spotted leopard (FeLV), the fox Catalina Island (square disease) or the African wild dog (rabies and square disease).

Product Approvals major despite a presence in more than 150 a country, Merial remains deeply rooted in France and more specifically to Lyon. The company aims to remain the "Best in Class" in the industry veterinary, by continuing to put
the focus on innovation.

thus it has positioned itself on new therapeutic areas such as cancer. Last year, it obtained 130 marketing authorizations in more than 90 countries and plans to launch ten major new products over the next three years. NexGard®, already approved in Europe in 2013, was a great success and contributed to the return to growth of the turnover in 2014. These are, in the effect, of the first and only treatment monthly in the form of tablets at chewing, indicated for combating fleas and dog ticks. its beef flavor is highly appreciated by our customers.

canine friends. Then last year, Merial has obtained European authorization for the European launch of NexGard® Spectra™, a pest control product with
chew on a broad spectrum, this time to prevent and fight against internal and external parasites of the dog. The company's research teams have also developed Longrange®, a product for livestock,
that profoundly modifies the fight pest control lightens the work of breeders and causes less stress for animals. Thus, rather than treat livestock three or four times during the grazing period, this pest control treatment administered
in one go acts for the entire duration of the season. its technology: theraphase® allows the prolonged release of the active ingredient long after injection. Public-private alliances privileged to strengthen its R&D, Merial has always pursued a policy of partnerships with organizations and institutes in research, universities, companies of biotechnology and start-ups....

the company focuses on five areas of research: products that meet the requirements of needs of emerging markets, the vaccines to protect animals intended for protein consumption, therapeutic products to improve the quality of life of animals in the company, antiparasitic agents and vaccines, for dogs and cats, as well as new technological platforms (vectors, formulations).

Last collaboration to date: 11 March 2015, an agreement was signed with the biotechnology company Valneva, authorizing the animal health subsidiary to develop and produce new vaccine candidates, using the cellular platform of his new partner. The goal: replace the traditional process of
production of vaccines on embryonated eggs. Financial terms and conditions of this agreement have not been disclosed.

A platform for growth belonging to a large international group such as Sanofi is a real asset. Synergies in the research are playing. Indeed, the teams of Merial work closely together with Sanofi's R&D through steering and project committees common. In addition, address health as a whole has become crucial. More than 70% of diseases that affect humans can, by, in fact, be transmitted by animals.

Merial, which has a global market share of nearly 20%, has excellent prospects. 2013 had certainly been a difficult year but the group returned to growth last year. To continue its work expansion and participate in the ongoing consolidation of the veterinary industry, the entity will not hesitate to seize opportunities as they arise. But no way, however, of giving in to the sirens of diversification at all go. The company does not wish, by, for example, to develop in the market
antibiotics, or in additives for animal feed, but is
strengthened in its current positions already strong or in large animals like the buyback last year, of the equine activity in bayer. in addition, the group benefits from industrial expertise in the delicate production of vaccines and relies on a network of dense with 17 industrial sites spread over 17 sites in nine countries. On its industrial sites specialized by technology, the pharmaceutical product is intended for worldwide supply, while organic production is aimed at regional markets.

Multiple opportunities animal health is a real issue advantage: it is highly diversified, with distinct targets and a large number of species to be treated (pets, production animals, veterinary public health). This is a public health issue, because of epidemics due to diseases infectious diseases require a response fast. Merial has therefore committed itself, in partnership with governments, in the control of infectious animal diseases likely to have social and economic impacts important. He also collaborates with international organizations, such as the World Organization of the animal health (OIE), the organization partners in the sector. The entity provides vaccines, services, etc. 
and solutions for several animal diseases, listed by the OIE, such as rabies, foot-and-mouth disease and fever catarrhal. it is true that the group is well established internationally. the first market in pets from Merial is considerable since it is the United States. France is becoming in the second position. Emerging markets such as China are veterinary product applicants for their poultry. and Brazil is one of the largest markets Merial's world-class products. 2015 in the wake of 2014 For this year, the group has set itself the objective of strengthening its positions in some of its activities key, such as the aviary, by developing new technologies and approaches.
 Another ambition:
explore new segments of the market to become a company comprehensive "health and well-being" care (dermatology, hygiene), for pets. He also wishes to continue to innovate, including in digital e-health services and technologies (applications, e-commerce, etc.), and with a complete and integrated range of solutions for veterinarians and owners. In, addition, it intends to make targeted acquisitions and alliances. Finally, two anniversaries are also to be celebrated in 2015: the one hundred and the tenth anniversary of its site
of Toulouse and the twenty years of the one of Lyon-Porte des Alpes.

Carsten Hellmann, Chief Executive Officer of Merial and Executive Vice President of Sanofi:
"Innovation and growth" after a successful year in 2014, the Sanofi Group's veterinary division has positioned itself on an expansion trajectory, driven by the dynamism of demand, the introduction of
points of new differentiating products and its geographical expansion.

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