shih tzu dog breeds

shih tzu
shih Tzu 

shih Tzu dog breeds

The Shih-Tzu is a small robust dog with a proud posture. His face reminds of a Chrysanthemum. All colors color showed. The coat can be one, two or more colors. The multicolored ones appreciate a white blaze on the forehead and at the end of the tail. The Shih-Tzu has a lush, smooth coat and slight waves are allowed. Its lifespan is about 14 years.

Fur: Long, dense, not curled
Color: All colors are allowed
Height at withers: 22 to 27 cm nature
The Shih-Tzu is cheerful, playful, intelligent, lovable, social and, as long as he is respected, gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children.

With full use of the pompous facial expressions he knows, how to wrap his master and mistress around his finger. He sees himself as your partner and not as your pet, which also explains his sometimes stubborn and disobedient behavior. The Shih-Tzu loves to be "master of the situation" and therefore, in order to keep an eye on his surroundings, likes to take himself to higher levels. Like all Asian dogs he never,r reveals himself completely. Sometimes calm, sometimes silly, Shih-Tzus are cat-like in behavior. He loves it when you take him everywhere!


Origin: Tibet The origin of this race goes back a long way. Scriptures report that in the 8th century before Christ two kinds of small dogs existed in Asia Minor. One of them is said to descend from the Tibetan dogs and thus from the Shih-Tzu.

Since the lion was the faithful companion of Buddha, Shih-Tzu means "lion dog". during the han dynasty (from 205 years before to 220 years after Christ) the Shih-Tzu came to China. his breeding experienced the boom only under the Qing dynasty in the 19th century (Manchurian rule 1644-1912), when the dalai Lama presented the empress the Ling with a pair of Shih-Tzus and the emperor did not hesitate to call them Tzu Hsi. The empress's passion for the breed was so great that she owned about a hundred specimens, which she entrusted to the care of the eunuchs who washed, combed and walked the dogs.

Considered sacred, nothing was too beautiful for these dogs and so they were bred in a covered pavilion made of marble and decorated with cushions and royal silk. Their food was made from the best ingredients.

These little dogs were called the "Pearls of the empress". For over 50 years, empress Tzu Hsi cultivated an extraordinary love for dogs. In 1908, after the death of Empress Tzu-Hsi and the fall of the empire, certain Shih-Tzus were used as currency and left the lost city. In 1930 a couple of Shih-Tzus came to Great Britain and in 1934 the Shih-Tzu-Club was founded in England. In 1953, Countess anjou introduced the breed to France. In 1957 the american Shih-Tzu club was founded in the united states and in 1960 the Tibetan Dog Club in France.

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