traveling with his dog

travel dog
traveling with dog

traveling with his dog

while, for us, travel, the holidays, the exploration of new regions are included among the most memorable moments pleasant of the year, they are
often a source of stress for dogs.
Long journeys, unknown places, disruption of habits, so many constraints for the dog. Before you start to start, it is, therefore, necessary to ask yourself if it is really reasonable to take your dog with you.

If the holder goes on holiday without his dog: where to place it? The idea is to do it guard by acquaintances or friends who know it or who have a dog that is already familiar to him.
Another option is a stay in a pension. For a dog who likes to play with his fellow creatures, he can be all over enriching fact to stay in a boarding house where dogs spend the day in groups. However, it is precisely this during the holiday periods that the shelters are all full: it is, therefore, necessary to anticipate and book in time! When a
adopted in a shelter, the to have to go back maybe, in some cases, challenging experience for him.
When circumstances allow the dog to leave alone.
at home. Even if a neighbor, an animal keeper, or "dog walker" gives him food and drink during the
holidays, it is by no means a solution.

If the dog is on the trip, you have to be prepared for it carefully, in particular by checking
the following points:
- Are dogs allowed in the holiday accommodation / at the beach?
- Is it mandatory to hold the dog in let/ put a muzzle on him?
You have to take care of the dog's well-being!
- The country of destination or countries of transit prohibits the entry of dogs called dangerous on their territory?
- It is also necessary to observe the requirements
of the country of destination regarding vaccinations. Vaccination against rabies is mandatory for travel in any country, even in
an EU country. More information can be obtained from the respective diplomatic representations.
- To travel within the EU and in some countries outside the EU, the electronic chip and the animal passport are mandatory.

- For any transport by plane, it is necessary to
comply with the provisions of the international transport association air (international air transport association, IATA,
- if the country of destination is a country with
risk of rabies, an authorization from the federal office for Food Safety and Veterinary affairs (OSAV) is required for the return, when the dog
is brought back to Switzerland. Without this authorization, the traveler may have to leave the dog at the airport.

- Attention: it is forbidden to import in Switzerland of dogs that have been bled or shortened. if the dog was born with a short tail,
the mention of this particularity must be included in the animal passport of the company, otherwise, the return to Switzerland will be problematic.
- In the car, the dog must not present a danger to the driver; it must be installed behind a grid
for dogs or in a transport box where he is comfortable.

- It should not be too hot or too hot. cold.
- If the journey is long, he should be able to drink
water regularly.
- Regular breaks should be scheduled and
short walks allowing the dog to do his business.
- It is advisable to bring reservations sufficient of the preferred food of the dog because all brands do are not for sale everywhere! Abroad, the dog may be exposed to unusual hazards, including:
- parasites and pathogens from which Switzerland is free, such as that the vectors of dirofilariasis, of
leishmaniasis and ehrlichiosis in hot countries: it is imperative to check with your veterinarian in good time about this!
- to rabies, transmitted by bites and saliva, which is a danger to all particular. Switzerland is free from rage, but it took decades of struggle to achieve this result, from so that if an infected animal is discovered, his euthanasia is ordered immediately. Therefore:
never let your dog play with native dogs of a country with risk and keep away from stray animals! Never take at home in Switzerland, a stray dog collected in an area at risk of rabies!
In a country as free as Switzerland, only one animal may have a danger to many animals and
of people. More information on the risk of rabies in other countries, simple and clear information on
travel in general and on travel with particular pets can be consulted in an OSAV brochure entitled: "Before travel - important information on
pets, foodstuffs food and memories".

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