Ways to Help the Bulldog Breathe Easier?

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Ways to Help the Bulldog Breathe Easier

One common issue that often comes up with bulldogs is that they have trouble with breathing. Their big necks can make it really hard for them to get the oxygen they need and you may find that there are times that they will gasp for air after lying down. But what are you able to do in order to help your dog to breathe a bit easier?

First, look to see if allergies are a problem. Your puppy could be allergic to the perfume that you are wearing, some of the scented products that you use to keep the house smelling nice or to clean it, or some of the other scents in your home. The first thing you should do is to start eliminating one at a time to see if this is the issue. If all of these scents are gone and the puppy is still having an issue, move on to the next item.

illness can sometimes be a factor in why your puppy is having trouble breathing. Some of these include:

- Heart disease—your vet will need to do a test in order to tell if there is a heart murmur that could be causing the breathing issue. Look for changes in behavior or loss of appetite in you're a puppy if this is an issue.

- Parainfluenza this is like the flu in humans and can make breathing just as difficult for your puppy. Check for sneezing and a dry cough.

- Kennel cough before boarding your dog, make sure that you get them vaccinated. This will help to avoid breathing issues from kennel cough.
medical disorders in some bulldogs can make them have trouble with breathing. issues with the pharynx not working properly or some other reason can often have this effect on your puppy.

The best treatment is to visit your vet. They will be able to do an exam on your puppy and figure out why they are having trouble with breathing. Often the cause is nothing too big and you can just provide a few simple steps to get them breathing again. If there is a serious issue, such as a medical disorder, you will be able to get that taken care of with the help of your vet as well. just like with any puppy, it is important to give your bulldog the proper care to keep their health in good shape.
sometimes focusing on the best ways that you can take care of your 
puppy so they feel their very best and live a very healthy life.

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