welcome an adopted dog in a shelter

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welcome an adopted dog in a shelter

Making the decision to adopt a dog in a shelter is a very beautiful action. However, it is not an insignificant gesture and it is important to take the time to make your new companion feel at home. 

Deciding to adopt an adult dog from a shelter is a credit to its future owners.

First, because they offer him a new life, a second chance. Secondly, because they help to relieve the clutter of shelters saturated with animals that have unfortunately been abandoned.

The choice of adopting an adult dog must be made with full knowledge of the facts, and some steps may have to be taken in the early stages.

But with patience, gentleness, and love, your new companion will be a great source of satisfaction that will not make you regret your decision.

Let him "get his bearings"

Place his basket in a quiet place where he can rest without being disturbed. You can also consider dog pheromone diffusers that will help him calm down if he is a little stressed.

Let the dog come to you. Initiate trust, by offering him sweets for example.

Don't cover him with kisses and caresses all the time, even if it seems natural to you: for him, it can be interpreted as a form of aggression. As long as you don't know him yet, avoid looking him in the eye (a sign of challenge).

Caution should be exercised at the beginning and this is even more true for a dog coming from a shelter. You don't necessarily know his past, what he experienced if he was traumatized... The watchword is, therefore: patience and more patience!

Discipline, but gentle

The adult dog that arrives probably has well-established habits. These will have to be changed gradually but firmly. You have to show that you are the leader: you and you alone are in charge.
However, excluding any form of violence in this learning phase. You will go through an observation period to get his reactions.

It is important to be available for him, especially in the early days in his new environment. Indeed, your new companion maybe a little anxious in an unfamiliar place.

It is also advisable to give her meals at a set time to get her used to a certain stability. Offer him daily walks because even if you have a garden, your pet will need to explore, sniff out the new smells that are available to him.

Confrontation with other animals

The newcomer's relationship with the other animals in the household can be even or double. If the adopted dog has been familiar with the other animals, there should be no problem. Otherwise, you will have to be very patient in the habituation work, progressing in small steps.

In some cases, the enmity between them will, unfortunately, be too great and cohabitation will then be very complicated. All the more reason to be well informed in advance on this point before bringing the animal home.

However, this is not systematic. There may be aggressiveness due to territorial instinct, but it is common for animals to get along very well with each other after this phase of mutual observation.

A great adventure...

To conclude, do not be alarmed if everything does not go as planned from the beginning. In many cases, things can be made up for, with a little patience and knowledge of the dog.

It is certain that adopting an adult dog, especially from a shelter, represents some risks. But with patience and a good understanding of his animal, the few pitfalls you may encounter will soon be forgotten.

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