what are the dog's lunch needs

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what are the dog's lunch needs

nowadays, complete food is usually the basis for
dog food. It is important that the dog does not receive not too much, not too little food. But how much to give him? And what kind of food to choose from? In view of the diversity of offers, it is not very easy to answer this question. It is better to be sure, contact veterinarians, breeders or people in charge of pensions and shelters.

Growing animals, bitches at the end of gestation and nursing bitches have an increased need for food.

If they are not fed according to their needs, bitches who breastfeeding may be lacking in some nutrients, which can compromise the puppy development and training of maternal illnesses. Like everything else living being, dogs suffer when they're hungry.

Excess weight in dogs comes from most often because they don't move enough in relation to the amount of food they receive. If this is the case, then in such cases, a weight loss diet should be planned with the veterinarian. The need for food for less active old dogs is up to 30% lower than those of younger animals. A dog is in the ideal shape when you can still feel his ribs. A shiny coat and normal digestion are a sign of healthy food.

The composition of the food is also an important factor to consider: the ration must be made up of not only of meat and vegetables but also cereal products, such as pasta, oatmeal or rice. Many animal feeds contain cereals as sources of energy. Especially during their growth, dogs should receive an appropriate amount of calcium (based on the bone), in the correct proportion with phosphorus (in meat). As well as an excess than a lack of these substances nutrients can cause damage to the skeleton. In comparison to the other adult dogs, nursing bitches have much more needs high in energy (carbohydrates, fats) and protein-rich foods such as meat. In addition, they need large quantities of calcium for the production of milk. In general, the quantity and composition of dog food vary according to the situation. To let oneself be advice from a specialist is very useful! Some foods, such as grapes, chocolate, and onions are bad for dogs.

To clean his teeth, the dog needs bones and other chews. Often, the traditional complete food does not allow him to chew enough, the reason for which he appreciates, from time to time, food prepared for this purpose, for example, a pig's ear, a pig's ear, a buffalo skin or a very cartilaginous bone that he can chew as he wishes. an excess bone can, however, lead to digestive disorders. Beware of long bones, for example, chicken thigh bones or
rabbits: they can split and injure the dog.

For the health and well-being of dogs, it is crucial to provide permanent access to clean water, which is easy if the animals are fed at home. if your dogs are mainly kept in the open air, care must be taken to ensure that the bowls or the bowls are not empty and the water they contain is not frozen.
daily drinking water needs are highly dependent on temperature and the water content of the food; food prepared under wet form therefore already covers a part of the dog's water needs.

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