yorkshire terrier

yorkshire terrier

yorkshire terrier
yorkshire terrier

ORIGIN: Angleterre.
Section 4 Dwarf Terrier.
The Yorkshire Terrier comes from the same area as the Airedale Terrier and was first seen around 1850. The old English Toy Terrier, black and tan, is an ancestor of the Yorkshire Terriers, together with other breeds such as the maltese and the Skye Terrier. The present name was accepted in 1870.

The terrier-like characteristics of this breed also include the hunting instinct either for a toy in the house or for a rodent in the garden.


Long-haired, the hair hangs down smoothly and evenly on both sides, one apex reaches from the nose to the tip of the tail. Very compact and neat, upright in the posture and radiating a fluid of "importance".


The contours should have a pithy and well-proportioned body. to be recognized.

Behavior AND CHARACTER (BEING): Regulator and intelligent dwarf terrier. Lively with balanced creatures.

Skull: Pretty small and flat, skull not too conspicuous or rounded.

Nose: Black.
Muzzle: Not too long.
Jaws/Teeth: Perfect, regular and complete. scissor bite, whereby the upper row of incisors is the gap over the lower one and the teeth perpendicularly in the stand with your jaws up.

Eyes: Medium-sized, dark, glossy, vigilant, intelligent and placed so that they look straight ahead. Not protruding. Eyelids dark.

Ears: Small, V-shaped, carried upright, not too wide. one apart, with short hair of rich, strong tan color covered.

NECK: Of good length.
BODY: Compact.
Back: Flat.
Loins: Well supported by muscles.
Ribs: arc arched.
RUTE: Formerly usually docked.
Docked: Of medium length, richly overgrown with hair, the darker is blue than the rest of the body hair, especially at the end of the tail. Worn slightly above the backline.

Uncurated: Richly overgrown with hair that is a darker blue than the remaining body hair, especially at the end of the tail. Somewhat above the backline. As straight as possible. In its length contributing to the harmony of the overall appearance.

General: Runs straight, well with hair of rich golden tan the tips of the hairs are shaded slightly lighter than the hair roots. At the front legs, the tan must not be higher than to the elbows.

Shoulder: Well stored.
Forearm: Straight.
Forefeet: Round; black claws.

General: Seen from behind, the legs are very straight, moderate angulation of the knee joints; good with hair of full, golden tan, with the hair tips, shaded a little brighter than at the hair root. The tan must not be higher than the Knee joints are enough.

Knee: arc angled.
Hind paws: Round, black claws.
GAIT: free and with plenty of thrusts, straight ahead. Movement in forehand and hindquarters, with the flat backline.

Hair: Medium length body hair, completely straight (not wavy), glossy; of fine silky texture, not woolly, must never be the impair movement. The sagging hair on the head and Fang (" fall ") is long, has a rich, golden tan color; while in of more intense color at the sides of the head, at the base of the ears and at the muzzle, where it should be especially long. The tan color on the head should be not spread in the back of the neck; it must not be sooty or with dark hair.

Color: Dark steel blue (not silver blue) stretches from the Occipital bone to root of the tail, in no case mixed with fawn, bronze or dark hair. The coat on the chest has a full, light tan.

All tan hairs are darker at the root than in the middle. and become even brighter towards the top.

WEIGHT: Weight up to 3.2 kg.
FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points must be corrected as follows are regarded as defects, the evaluation of which is described in detail in the should be proportionate to the degree of deviation and its influence on the health and well-being of the dog to is to note.

- Aggressive anxious dogs.
- Dogs that clearly show physical abnormalities

- Males must have two apparently normally developed testicles that are completely in the scrotum.
- For breeding, only functional and clinical healthy, breed-typical dogs are used.

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