dog whining all time

dog whining
dog whining 

dog whining all time

my dog whining all the time....what to do and how to react when your dog squeaks, moans or whines whining? What does he want? And how to stop this behavior disturbing?

- the origin
a dog doesn't whine for no reason. if he does so, it is either because it is useful to him, because it is
behavior brings him something, either that he wants to express an uneasiness. We often have a tendency to think about body pain first, but a dog rarely expresses itself in the case of chronic pain. If he just put his paw on a thorn, he'll grow probably a scream at the time, but few dogs continue to moan when the evil persists when the pain remains present. if he tries to express discomfort by whining, it would then be more likely to be a physiological or mental malaise. 

does he need to go to the to provide urgent relief? Is he bored? does he need to get some fresh air, to stretch his legs? In these different examples, the dog will actually try to transmit you a message by its squeaks. so it's up to you to ask yourself the right questions. Since then, since how long has he been out? What has he been doing since this morning? Have I ever had a little taken care of him? It will then be a matter of responding to any shortcomings, but be careful, however, not to react to the slightest moaning of your dog.

- the master in question:
apart from these different cases where the dog can express real discomfort, the majority of the moans are the result of conditioning. in other words, the animal has whined once out of reflex, or maybe because he wanted to express something and the master immediately went to him, panicked, carrying him a lot of attention. neither one nor two, the dog understands that when he whines, it allows him to attract his master's attention, and then do it again. if you confirm the second and third time it works, you are simply teaching your dog to moan.

in the long run, whenever your dog wants to get your attention, get a caress, play or beg for something else, he'll whine. You will then very quickly come to get a dog that moans for nothing, all the time and for no apparent reason, which will become very quickly wearing.

- the solution
to counter this misbehavior, it will, therefore, be a matter of not reacting immediately, on the suddenly, to a possible moaning of your dog. Don't pay attention to him at the exact moment where he whines, but wait until he stops to direct you to him and make sure he doesn't lack anything. Or just ask yourself why he might well squeal, but without looking at him and talking to him. So you don't risk teach your dog that moaning brings him something, and thus strengthen him this bad behavior. If it is too late and your dog is already moaning constantly, try to make up for it by ignoring it well each time. he has to get to the point where to understand that it no longer works, that he can no longer get your attention by whining. this may take a long time, as it is always more difficult to lose an acquired bad behavior than to prevent it from being acquired. It will, therefore, be a question of being patient and persistent, because if you stop reacting, your dog will end up understand and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

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