import of dangerous dogs into germany

import of dangerous dogs into germany

dangerous dogs
 dangerous dogs into germany 

On 21.04.2001 the federal law for the fight of dangerous dogs came into force. it complements the federal dog ordinances (colloquially: "Kampfhunde-Verordnungen"), which are meanwhile issued in all federal states. the infringement of the prohibition of movement or import contained in the Federal Act, inter alia of certain dogs is a criminal offense according to 5 of the law.

On 20.02.2002, the ordinance on exceptions to the movement and import ban of dangerous dogs into germany was also adopted, which provides that the strict ban on the import and movement of dangerous dogs for tourist traffic. however, the most important regulations for dog owners are contained in the respective national regulations. they apply to the owners who have their dog in the corresponding federal state all the time. an exhaustive account of state law is here not possible. detailed information can be obtained from the respective supreme state authority1 to catch up.

- the most important items for dog owners, who want to spend their dog permanently in the federal territory

- By the federal law dogs of the breeds pitbull-terrier, american staffordshire-terrier, staffordshire-bullterrier, bullterrier as well as their crosses among themselves or with other dogs may not be introduced into the federal territory any more or to be spent.

- The dogs of other breeds, as well as their crossbreeds with each other or with other dogs, for which the regulations of the country 2 the dog may not be imported or brought into this country from abroad if it is suspected that it is dangerous to keep the dog permanently in the country in which it is to be kept.

- An offense against the import or movement ban can be punished with up to two years be punished with imprisonment.

- If a dog is kept permanently in a federal state, many other restrictions may apply (e.g. increased dog tax, compulsory insurance), (License to drive a dog), sticking labels with the chip, registration, sterilization, breeding prohibition, linen and muzzle compulsion), which can give more exact information at the respective the highest state agency.

the most important markers for dog owners who are tourists in the federal territory are want to enter pursuant to the Regulation on derogations from the movement and import ban from dangerous dogs into the Inland may be dangerous dogs (= dogs of the breeds Pitbull-Terrier, american Staffordshire-Terrier, Staffordshire-bullterrier, bullterrier and their crosses, as well as dogs, determined according to national law3 ) in the following cases be taken on holiday

- The person who brings a dangerous dog into the federal territory only keeps himself up to four weeks in Germany to

- The dangerous dog comes from the existing stock in Germany at present and is taken abroad and then reintroduced

- The dangerous dog is kept in a federal state with a license.

- The dangerous dog is a service, rescue, disaster control or disabled companion dog. the dog owners are obliged to prove the identity of the dog by appropriate papers. In addition, in each federal state leash and muzzle compulsory.

Exclusion of liability:
all information in this leaflet is based on the findings and experience of the message at the time of writing of the leaflet. for the completeness and however, no liability can be assumed for the correctness of this information.

this annex contains a non-exhaustive list of breeds which are classified as generally or potentially dangerous in one or more national dog ordinances, and therefore a consultation with the corresponding supreme state authority would appear to make sense I don't want to:

1. dogs which reach a height at the withers of more than 40 cm or a weight of more than 20 kg when fully grown (only NRW) Two, dogs of breeds:

Abkas Mastino Napoletano
Alano Mioritic
American Staffordshire Terrier* Central Asian Owttscharka
Bandog Perro de Presa Canario
Berger de Beauce (Beauceron) Perro de Presa Mallorquin
Berger de Brie (Briard) Pitbull terrier
Bullmastiff Polski Owczarek Podhalanski
Bullterrier Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Cane Corso Raffeiro do Alentejo
Carpatin Rhodesia Ridgeback
chinese fighting dog Roman fighting dog
doberman Rottweiler
dogo argentino sarplanimac
dogue de Bordeaux Slovenian Cuvac
Estrela mountain dog Staffordshire Bullterrier*
Fila Brasileiro Southern Russian Owtscharka
Kangal tibetan mastiff
Karakatschan tornjak
Karshund tosa Inu
Caucasian owtscharka
Kraski Ovcar
Liptak (gorilla dog)
Maremma Shepherd Dog
Mastin de Los Pirineos
Mastin Espanol


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