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invisible dressage fence safe dog

the purpose offense safe dog invisible training is to train a dog by showing him how to identify the boundaries of its territory and to move away from it. the training must be fair so that the dog understands the consequences that await him if he tries to overcome the limits. the training process must be pleasant so that the dog has fun and enjoys playing on its own land.

it is essential that you respect all steps of the invisible fence dressage course. the most problems that arise with the system is the result of poor monitoring of the inadequate training and/or control of the dog, or misuse of the containment system for invisible fence pet.

the ideal dog for the containment system for pets, invisible Fence is a dog neutered, non-aggressive, who is used to a leash and who has passed its sensitive period of prematurity (dogs of 4 at 6 months). if you have any questions about the puppy training or puppy problems behavior related to prematurity, communicate with your invisible Fence professional.

Training equipment:
1. Leashes
Six-foot lead:
Most of them are made of nylon, cotton or
in leather. The six-foot leash is the one that allows better control during training sessions at
distance (first lesson).

-Fifteen-foot leads:

the fifteen-foot leash is not easy to manipulate. This length is used for dressing to correction and distractions.

-Retractable Leash:
the retractable leash is an alternative perfect. It can be used as 6 feet for initial dressing at a distance and also as a 15-foot leash for training at the correction and distractions.

2. dressage collars
there are different models of necklaces. you can use your dog's current collar during safe dog training.

-Flat necklace
when using a flat collar, make sure that it does not slip under the electronic collar computer Collar.

- Sliding collar
if you use a sliding collar, it must be properly placed and used. when you train with your dog on your left, form a P with the collar and, facing the dog, slide the collar over his head.

Thus, the collar only loosens when the dog is on your left. If you have not received training in the use of this type of necklace, consult the professional invisible Fence.

3. Electronic collar:
The Fence invisible electronic collar must be tightly fitted around your dog's neck, to the place where the neck is narrowest and the coat is thinner. adjust the collar so that it is just tight enough to slip a finger between a point and the neck of your dog. in order for the necklace works correctly, the correction peaks must touch the dog's skin. adjust regularly the collar according to the coat, weight and the age of the dog.

don't think that an electronic necklace is too tight or too high. even if it is a necklace, it's different from the others. sound the function is optimal when properly adjusted in the upper part of the animal's neck. place the electronic necklace around the neck from the animal before each lesson and remove it after each lesson.

4. Computer Collar Point Cap:
The cap fully covers both tips of the electronic necklace. Cover the tips for the initial dressing, which normally corresponds to the first three days, for sessions where the dog learns to recognize and move away from boundaries

Mandatory precautions:
1. always remove the electronic collar around the dog's neck before making adjustments on the invisible Fence system.

2. Gradually get the dog used to the new electronic collar. remove it every night during the first month and from time to time by the following. this will ensure a good fit and will avoid skin irritations that may be caused by the spikes.
3. do not attach the tips to the collar with glue or adhesive.
4. use the tip clamping tool to screw them in.

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