leadership lessons from the dog whisperer

cesar millan dog whisperer
cesar millan - the dog whisperer 

leadership lessons from the dog whisperer

if you ever want to become a good “systems leader,” then you need to understand the emotional process. I define the emotional process as, “The natural, patterned, ways in which an emotional system facilitates the dynamics through which relationships are developed and function in order to maintain homeostasis.”

because the emotional process works “under the surface” and cannot be seen directly (we only observe the symptoms or indicators of the emotional process reactivity, triangles, anxious behaviors getting a grasp of the dynamics of relationships in emotional systems can be a challenge.

I’ve been fascinated watching cesar millan, the dog whisperer. Here is a man who has a keen understanding of the emotional process in dogs and in their relationship and interactions with their own kind and with humans. while millan uses his own terminology to describe what is happening (like “dog psychology”), I think what he actually demonstrates is not psychology, but rather an understanding of how emotional process works. I’ve never been a “pet owner,” and I’ll confess that I don’t “get” the whole owner-pet thing. but as an example of how the understanding emotional process can help to function, I think Cesar millan can teach us much about being a systems leader.

The best way to enjoy millan as a teacher of the emotional process is to watch his show, the dog whisperer, on the national geographic channel. Watching him work with dog owners and their pets, and seeing how he “trains” them (the owners, not the dogs), is a dramatic learning experience on how the understanding emotional process can help the leader change functioning and influence the system. below I present some of millan’s teaching points about “dog psychology” and parallel some systems principles related to the emotional process.

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