meet the dog whisperer

cesar millan
dog whisperer

meet the dog whisperer

mexican-born animal trainer cesar millan is known around the world for his TV show dog Whisperer. on the show, millan helps dogs and dog owners deal with their problems. he helps angry and scared dogs become good companions. he also helps confused humans become confident, happy dog owners.

what is the biggest mistake we make with dogs?
we humanize dogs. we hold conversations with them as if they were people. . . . a dog doesn’t know it lives in beverly hills or how much we spend on it.

why do people like certain kinds of dogs?
it’s about what they want from another human but can’t get, so they get it from a dog.

So a person gets a pit bull because?
because it represents power, strength, masculinity like driving a Ferrari.

And a small poodle? Because it’s feminine.
so people get dogs that are like them?
I walk into a home, and I don’t have to hear much. I see the dog, and I know who you are. It’s a mirror. what is your approach to helping owners with their dog problems?
If you don’t tell a dog what to do, it will tell you what to do. my clients4 are powerful, they have Harvard5 degrees, they run big corporations, but they can’t control a dog. You don’t ask a dog if it would like to go for a walk. You put on the leash and go. Is there any creature you can’t rehabilitate?
my father. . . . I want him to tell my mother, “I appreciate you. thank you. I love you. But he can not, not in the unknown culture of Mexico.

Can’t you take your father for a walk and work out the issues? No. He’d just run away.

How did your parents feel about your choice of profession?
They wanted me to become a professional, doctor or lawyer.

How does your father feel now that you’ve made it? he still can’t understand why Americans pay me for walking their dogs.

What are the lessons we learn from dogs?
To live in the moment. also honesty... integrity.
they will never stab you in the back or lie to you.
do dogs think and feel?
they feel they are instinctual.9 They don’t think.
So which animal behaves better humans or dogs?
oh, dogs.

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