benefits of neutering a dog or sterilizing

benefits of neutering a dog or sterilizing

benefits of neutering a dog or sterilizing
benefits of neutering a dog or sterilizing 

Small breeds of dogs reach puberty faster than large breeds. If you do not want to breed with your dog, it is high time to think about having it spayed or neutered. Sterilization is generally recommended between 4 to 9 months before the first heat, but it can also be recommended after the first heat, depending on the case. if your female has already been in heat, it is better to wait about 2 months after her heat. The ovaries are then at an inactive stage and are less bloody. Talk to your vet about the best time to have your puppy spayed or neutered.

What does sterilization or neutering involve?
in young bitches, usually, only the ovaries are removed (oophorectomy), while in older bitches, the uterus is also usually removed (ovariohysterectomy). in males, both testicles are removed.

Sterilization or neutering is a procedure for which you must make an appointment with your veterinarian. The dog must be introduced on an empty stomach before the operation. After a general check-up, including heart check-up, the dog is anesthetized.

benefits of sterilizing a female:
Avoids unwanted litters
is no longer in heat
Sterilizing a female stops the estrus cycle, preventing the female from getting hot and from continuing to be bothered by blood loss and the attraction of male dogs.
Prevents breast gland tumors.
Breast gland tumors are the most common tumors and are also often malignant1-3.
Prevents nervous pregnancies

benefits of male neutering:
Avoids unwanted litters
Reduces unwanted behaviors, such as hypersexuality, running away, urinary marking and aggressiveness4,5
Prevents prostate swelling and testicular tumors
Prevents anal gland tumors

benefits of sterilization and neutering:
The benefits associated with sterilization or neutering are generally quite limited. The most common problem is weight gain. neutered and neutered dogs require less energy, while their appetite increases6,7. a royal canin survey shows that 67% of owners are aware of this.

There is a suitable diet for sterilized and neutered dogs with low energy density and high fiber content. this food formula helps to maintain a healthy weight. you should preferably spend a good week before the operation of the new food. this will allow your dog to get used to his new kibbles.

Ask your vet for advice if you want to know more about sterilizing or neutering your dog!

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