how many dog breeds are there in the world?

dog breeds are there in the world
dog breeds are there in the world

how many dog breeds are there in the world?

the international dog federation, which officially defines the characteristics of each breed, recognizes 342. but there are about a hundred unrecognized breeds, which can become so over time. in fact, it's not easy to answer this question because the number of breeds changes all the time! breeds are (inventions) of breeders who select from a litter of puppies those who have certain characteristics. they then reproduce them and, after several generations, these characteristics of size, color, hair or character become stable.

a dog becomes purebred when both its parents are of that breed themselves. at birth, the puppy of the breed is registered in a register, all dogs of french or foreign breeds are listed as well as their parents. after confirmation, the pedigree certificate is issued to the pedigree dog.

Here are the classification groups of dog breeds in the world:
group 1: sheepdogs and cattle dogs
group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer dogs - Molossians and Swiss mountain and herding dogs
group 3: terriers
group 4: dachshunds
group 5: Spitz and primitive dogs
group 6: hounds - blood search dogs and related breeds
group 7: pointing dogs (a pointing dog is a hunting dog whose job is to find game, mainly birds, and to stop the game.)
group 8: retrieving game dogs - game dogs - waterdogs

group 9: pleasure and companion dogs (a companion dog or companion dog is a dog that has no particular use, in the sense that it is not used by humans (guard dog, hunting dog, guide, etc.) used only to "keep company".)
group10: greyhounds

What you need to know about these recognized breeds:
breeds definitively recognized by the FCI are eligible for the CACIB (Certificate of Fitness for the FCI International Championship) and obtain FCI titles. breeds provisionally recognized by the FCI cannot obtain the CACIB until they have obtained definitive recognition, in addition, the CFI logo must appear on pedigrees issued for dogs of these breeds.

What are the breeds of dogs provisionally recognized in 2018?
Lancashire heeler:
Lancashire heeler is the last to have been provisionally recognized, its provisional recognition date is 01 may 2016. the lancashire heeler is a breed of black and tan or liver and tan dog, measuring between 25 and 30 cm. the current breed was recreated in the 1960s. the length of the coat varies slightly according to the season: the coat, shiny and short in summer, becomes longer and forms a kind of mane in winter.

-The Thai bangkaew dog (bangkaew from thailand):
the thai bangkaew or bangkaew thai (thai bangkaew dog) is a breed of dog native to thailand of the Spitz type. the breed has been provisionally recognized by the International canine federation since 2011. the bangkaew of thailand is an ancient breed, native to the village of bangkaew in the province of phitsanulok in thailand. legend has it that the breed is the result of a cross between a black and white bitch, belonging to a buddhist priest and a wild canine. the selection policy began in 1957. it is a popular breed in thailand and the bangkaew is considered a precious heritage of Phitsanulok province.


The South-East European sheepdog
(ciobanesc romanesc de bucovina), more commonly known as the romanian bucovinian shepherd, is a breed of dog native to bucovina. the paternity of the breed is attributed by the international dog federation to romania and serbia. the romanian bucovina shepherd is traditionally used to protect romanian herds from predators. provisionally recognized on 26 march 2009. the romanian Bucovinian shepherd is described in the FCI standard as a balanced, calm, courageous dog. distrustful of strangers, he nevertheless appreciates children.

The danish-swedish farm dog (dansk-svensk gÄrdshund) is a breed of dog native to Sweden and denmark. the breed, of ancient origin, is traditionally used as a farm and ratter dog in denmark, southern sweden and around the baltic sea. the breed has been provisionally recognized by the International dog federation since 5 July 2008. the danish-swedish farm dog is a small, compact, compact-looking dog. carried straight, the tail is slightly curved or sickle-shaped. It is long or naturally short, with a core. triangular in shape, the head is quite small, with a snout gradually narrowing towards the nose. the coat is short, smooth and hard on the body, with a predominantly white coat with spots of different colors.

the australian stumpy tail cattle dog is a breed of dog native to australia. first assimilated to its cousin the australian herdsman whose origins it shares, the short-tailed australian herdsman has been considered as a breed since the 1980s. It was provisionally recognized on 6 July 2005. it is a sheepdog used for driving cattle herds. Lighter in construction than the australian cowherd, it is characterized by its naturally short tail. the color is blue or muted red. the australian cattle dog is a rustic dog, described as brave, faithful but also suspicious of strangers. it is subject to two hereditary diseases that can be detected by veterinary tests: congenital deafness affecting many breeds of blackbird dogs and progressive retinal atrophy.

there are 344 officially and provisionally recognized dog breeds in the world, according to the FCI. if we wanted to give an approximate number by wrapping the still unknown and/or unrecognized dog breeds, we would say that there are a total of about 500 breeds. here's for our article "how many dog breeds exist in the world?"

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