how to train a puppy potty

how to train a puppy potty

train a puppy potty
how to train a puppy potty

go more to group classes. The goal is to socialize with other dogs and to learn (Human and dog) by imitation. Often, the master has to adjust. The dog does not have a false crease, it is a baby.......In private class, your puppy stays at home, he doesn't go out of his comfort zone, and neither do you.

Cleanliness training:
room. He is well, safe, and not bored. The cage allows him to rest, and to be in a place where he can't do anything stupid. When you leave him alone in his cage, remove any necklace, bone, toy.
so, everyone is happy..... and you won't have any unpleasant surprises (puppy suffocated with his
collar, an inappropriate toy, etc)

2) take the puppy outside to do his business and SEE him do it. Reward. You are good for 15 to 30 free minutes in the house. If he does not relieve himself outside, put him back in his cage, without the quibbling. Try again 15 minutes later, until successful.

3) give the puppy one piece at a time. When you are successful, you can increase in minutes, and in a number of parts.
4) There's no hurry! We're taking his time, anyway, your dog will get clean.....
5) a puppy with a pee loses interest in the people around him, in toys too. He's distracted and getting the distracted look for ¨un coin¨ to go to the toilet. be vigilant. 

6) a puppy that wants to poop will go round in circles, as far as possible from where it is evolving. Do not leave him off the eyes........
7) The phone ring? The Puppy in his crate.

8) Does your child call you in the basement? 
The Puppy in his crate.

Remember that the cage is his room. Would you dare to make your child sleep in the corridor, without room?

TOYS: Your puppy needs one or two toys. There is no need to buy more. I suggest toys solid, either silicone or Kong brand. no toys with rope. The ropes get stuck in the stomach and intestine, you may lose your puppy if he eats one. also, avoid bullets of tennis, easy to chew. Toys with internal noise. when torn, the noisy toy can be swallowed.

Every dog has the right to be trained like every kid goes to school. Puppies learn very fast and very early (8 weeks). Training methods have dramatically changed.

If you train a dog between 13 or 14 years old, you certainly have the experience, but the roads are quite different today. You are not superior yet ... ... I think that Grock needs to learn all the basics at an early age between 8 and 16 weeks,

-- I suggest you train with a video from called puppy training video.

To find a professional trainer, visit the training venues, before you have a puppy, feel the coach, etc. Take group categories. The idea is to socialize your dog with all kinds of dogs, and people.

Very often, it is you that will have to adapt. The dog normally does what is asked........if you take private lessons, neither your dog nor you get out of your comfort zone.

Potty training:
1) Get a 27X42 cage, with a divider. The cage is the puppy's home. When in it, he is well, calm and you too! Make sure to take off the puppy's collar, any toy when in his cage. This will avoid you of finding your puppy strangled by his collar or choked by a bad toy.

2) Bring a puppy to the yard to do his work and vision, and treatment. Then you can get back inside, and you be ok for 15 to 30 minutes. If he doesn't do anything for the first time, put back in his kennel, without annoying, start again 15 minutes later, until success.

3) Make room for the puppy at the time. do you have success? Add a room, or add time.
4) There is no pushing force, anyway, your potty puppy will be trained in one point.

5) Eda had a puppy contains urine will lose people's attention, play is careful! He is looking for a place to do his work.

6) A puppy that has a poo will literally turn around on himself. You have time to grab him and put him outside.

7) The phone ring? PUPPY IN KENNEL
8) Your kid calls you from the base? Puppy in kennel

Remember that the cage is his own place, his room. would you let your kids in the hallway, without a bedroom?

Your puppy needs
one or two good toys. Select a silicone toy and a Kong toy. Avoid all kinds of ropes. The ropes get stuck in the puppy stomach and you will lose your dog...... Avoid also the tennis balls and squeaky toys. When the puppy has opened the plush toy, the squeak can be eaten and get stuck in the stomach or intestine......

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