most popular dog breeds by country

most popular dog breeds by country

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever-most popular dog breeds

in Spain, there is a draw at three, while in the United States and England it is so clear that we can talk about national pets. the urban legend says that dogs usually look like their masters, but what many did not suspect is that a set of masters can become a country. And that this country, on more than one occasion, has very clear what is its head dog weakness. The case of the United States is exemplary: the Labrador Retriever has just been named the preferred breed for the twenty-ninth consecutive year, which means that Americans have been voting systematically for these gentlemen as their best friends for almost three decades. The American Kennel Club tried to explain record size with a brief statement: "Farmers with wonderful companions. Very intelligent, affable and the children love them.

Other countries are not so clear. in Spain, according to the veterinary management studies, we would find ourselves with a triple tie: the German shepherd, the Yorkshire and (of course) the labrador would be the three favorite races of the Spaniards, on a podium that is complemented with surprises such as the cocker or the chihuahua. It is rare not to find the podenco or mastiff, dogs one hundred percent native to the peninsula, in this study made from a sample of 368,000 specimens, but that's the way things are: sometimes, this prophet in the land itself costs a little (although you salt portrayed in 'Las Meninas').

Let's go with our neighbors. The Portuguese is clear that theirs is the beagle, a hound traditionally related to hunting, while in France the thing varies every year. Until very recently, the absolute winner was the rottweiler, hard dog where there are, but in recent times we have seen how German shepherds or French bulldogs have been climbing positions to reach the top. The case of the second is special: despite being, as its own name indicates, originating in france, the english adopted it as a national symbol (and even patriotic) at the time of the industrial revolution, although the real determining factor was winston churchill, the closest a human being has ever been to a bulldog. the queen can keep her corgis.

Ending with europe, let's mention the love story between the Italians and the Maltese bichon, one of the most affectionate pets known, or between the Germans and the Chihuahuas. One might think that the nation that basically invented (through years of forced genetic crosses) its own brand of shepherd dog was going to stay true to it, but not. The good old max von stephanitz has to be turning in his grave: his great-great-grandchildren have forgotten the golden standard of the verein für deutsche Schäferhunde. oh, and the nordic countries are crazy about Pomeranians, we suppose, mild and hot during the harsh winter.

If you want to know how the dog topic is around the world, here you have a small updated guide:

- Canada: Golden retriever.
- United States: Labrador retriever.
- Mexico: Dogville (also known as pug).
- Colombia: Golden retriever.
- Venezuela: Rottweiler.
- Brazil: Dogville.
- Peru: Rottweiler.
- Bolivia: Rottweiler.
- Argentina: Bull terrier.
- Chile: Dogville.

- Spain: German Shepherd, Yorkshire, and Labrador Retriever.
- Portugal: Beagle.
- France: Rottweiler.
- England: Bulldog.
- Ireland: Dogville.
- Belgium: Chihuahua.
- Netherlands: Chihuahua.
- Germany: Chihuahua.
- Austria: Chihuahua.
- Italy: Maltese Bichon.
- Greece: Maltese Bichon.
- Ukraine: Pug.
- Russia: Pug.
- Finland: Rottweiler.
- Sweden: Pomeranian.
- Norway: Pomeranian.

- Japan: Akita Inu.
- South Korea: Maltese Bichon.
- India: Rottweiler.
- United Arab Emirates: Maltese Bichon.
- Thailand: Bulldog.
- China: Pug.
- Vietnam: Poodle.
- Malaysia: Rotweiller.
- Indonesia: Siberian Huskie.

It would be easier to say that the Rottweiler is the dog of the continent. Only Equatorial Guinea (pug), the Central African Republic (Belgian shepherd), Libya and Somalia (Maltese bichon for the latter two) depart from the norm.

in Australia, they go with the French bulldog, while New Zealand goes for the pug. new Guinea? There they are, of course, rottweiler.

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